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Have you seen your friends sharing links of their profiles on all social media platforms asking you to leave “honest” replies for them? Have you seen the word constructive messages floating on the internet lately and wondered “Oh, what’s Sarahah, now?” Well, if you are still wondering, you are probably living under a rock. Sarahah is the new internet sensation that has taken the internet by storm.

Created by an Arab developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, the Sarahah app lets you post messages for people anonymously. It takes its name from the Arabic word for “Honesty” and the game has become a full-blown fad in just a few days. The app is surging in popularity and has been downloaded 10 million times so far causing the app to crash various times and we are only talking about the numbers from Android. Whoa! Now that’s incredible popularity.

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Sarahah lets you pour thoughts in a text box allowing you to send messages users anonymously or candidly where even Sherlock wouldn’t be able to find your identity. (Except the creators, obviously) The creators hope to encourage positivity as the game opens with a prompt that states “Leave a constructive message.” However, things are taking bit of a turn now as people have started using the app to bully people online but one thing is for sure, the app will either take your self esteem to the sky or it will hurl it to the ground.

So, what makes it different than the apps that somewhat had the same purpose like Well, for starters, you can’t reply to your feedback on the app so you have to reply by taking a screenshot and posting on some other platform like Facebook, or Twitter. Now, this may be a tactic to promote the game well, as twitter is flooded with Sarahah replies.

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But the real question is that whether the game in reality is as anonymous as it claims to be. Let’s find out. The app is under fire for transmitting your Email and phone contacts on the app but the app stroked back with an excuse that they intend to add a “Find your contacts” features on the app, and hence the data was taken. Nevertheless, the revelation is concerning. But the silver lining for those who only want to send messages is that you don’t need the app to do so.

So, take a plunge and download the App on Google Play Store or iTunes now. So, what are you waiting for, ask people to leave a message or send it to your friends and make someone’s day! Your thoughts are ready to be delivered!

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