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Imagine you are stuck on a deserted island where you land empty-handed and have to face the most dangerous challenges.  Not only that but you also need to protect yourself from other people who land on the island with you in Rules of Survival. There is no friend, no help and, absolutely, no one that you can trust. Sounds daunting, right?

Well, if you wish to experience all that then you must download this newly released action adventure game, Rules of Survival by NetEase Games and witness what happens when action meets the survival game mechanism.

Rules of Survival, surely, provides one of the best Survival games gameplay; there’s action, there’s struggle, there’s intensity and above all there is blood thirst.

Rules of Survival – The Intense Gameplay

Like all other survival games, this game too, withholds almost exactly the same modus operandi of operating the game. The game shares, almost exactly, the same gameplay and features as Battle Game Royale or Last Battleground: Survival. However, the question that pops up is game is any better than them or is just as confusing as Players Unknown Battle Grand.

The basic rules and mechanism of the game remains same as all other survival games; survive all the dangers and challenges that you come across on the island and outlive all the other players who share the land with you. Collect many available gears and weapons and fight or kill anyone who you see before they kill you.

The Beginning

Rules of Survival starts off with throwing you of a plane with only one thing as your help, a parachute. However, you are not alone, 120 other players also jump alongside you, forcesdto face the same challenges as you.

Wait a minute! Are you thinking to make some allies? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. Making allies won’t help you unless you are playing in duet or team challenges. All the other players are your enemy; you must kill whoever you come across before they finish you off. Stay apt, stay alert!

Duet and Team Matches

The game, for sure, is interesting enough to divulge into and with the availability to play with your friends is beyond expectation. It can be played in Duo or in team of four players along with single player mode, the choice remains in your hand.

To play in duo or team, the best approach is to make friends or invite online players to join you. This way you can cover more area having fewer enemies on an island that is crammed with dangerous foe.

Collectible Items and Weapons

The most important part in the game are the gears, inventory and other items that one must find and gather. The island is full of scattered survival items all around; try as hard as you can to find them to sustain longer in the game.

There is no doubt that finding items and gathering them in Rules of Survival is far easier and quick then many other survival games, like Last Battleground: Survival. Many clothing items, bullet proof vests, shoes and energy drinks are provided to make you stronger. Moreover, there are multiple weapons that are available in the game to make you even more powerful. At start, you can only hit the enemy with few punches; however, as soon as you collect weapons your main attack shifts to the guns you gather.

Along the way you will get bullets for your weapons and get upgraded versions of the same weapons but most importantly find an inventory bag to keep all your stuff and keep on finding the enhanced one to increase its capacity.

Much to my surprise, you can also loot and drive vehicles to move across different terrains. So just keep yourself alive and strive to experience all the exciting features that Rules of Survival offers.

The Map

The game also bestows you with a mini version of a complete map of the island. You can tap on the mini map to see its full version. See current location, along with peak points and red areas; device your strategy based on your analysis of map and go to the areas with less dangers first and once you have gathered enough accessories and weapons, then move to hot areas of the map.

The Extensive Control Option & Graphics

Controls are the one thing I loved about the game! They are, definitely, better than Last Battleground: Survival and PUBG; they seem smoother and provide extensive options.

Moreover, in the setting you get three types of control options; Classic Mode, Advance Mode and Touch Screen Mode. All three modes differ in minor details, working as per the desire of all kinds of players. So again, the ball is in your court, decide the controls that suit you the best.

As far as the graphics are concerned, I am much pleased. They are quite clear, slick and smooth to witness. So, all in all I love everything about the game.

OXi Verdict

So, overall Rules of Survival brings forward a great survival game mechanism. The game, definitely, deserves to be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes. However, learn about more Action Games by visiting OXiDroid, also learn to download Rules of Survival on PC and enjoy the game on your computers.

Just play the game and test your survival instincts!

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