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Fireproof Games have just released one of the best Puzzle Games and it is without a doubt better than any previously released versions of The Room. What’s exciting is that The Room: Old Sins holds all the best things and features from its earlier editions.

There is fun, entertainment and excitement forged in this game with superbly created graphics and intricately formed controls. However, the game definitely deserves to be explored a little more so let’s start out our in-depth review of the game.

The Room: Old Sins – Gameplay & Walkthrough

Well, I was amazed to see the simplicity and intricacy of the gameplay that is infused in the game. There is no rocket science involved in understanding the mechanism of the game; however, even the simple tasks in the game might seem hard at times as you move ahead in the game.

All you need in The Room: Old Sins is to enter the room of the house, having a gloomy and creepy look, and search and explore each room in order to find various clues and objects that will uncover some sort of mystery and keep on searching till you end all the tasks that are assigned in each room.

The Tutorial

The game kick starts with a tutorial to make your journey a little familiar to you; however, the tutorial might seem quite helpful so, keep your eyes and mind open and go by the rules.

The Gaming Mechanism

Throughout in the game, you must solve various mysteries for which you must find number of clues. These clues involve various objects and items that might need to be opened or unlocked in order to find hidden pieces and artifacts.

Nevertheless, one thing that you would notice at the start of the game is the eye piece that appears at the mid of the right side of the screen. It is quite important and imperative thing to be understood while playing The Room: Old Sins as it tells further hidden secrets about the object that you might be trying to open.

Keep on Solving Puzzles

You must solve many puzzles that the game possesses in it. You must figure out the way to open number of objects that you find; explore it all possible way to get the hint for the next or to move ahead in the game. Find a way to Open various compartments of the drawers, pull or push the levers, unlock suitcases and boxes and see what secrets are hidden in them.

The Lens

With the help of the lens, you can have a closer look at the room to make sure that you are not missing anything. The reason is that you need to complete all the tasks and quests that are infused in each room and would not be able to proceed without finishing all the missions.

The Controls

Well, the most exciting and satisfying part about The Room: Old Sins is it’s the quality of controls being infused in the game. all you need to do is drag the camera around with your finger, pinch n or out to zoom. Also, move in and out of the object by taping twice and once you are inside the object you can use various thing that it carries with just a tap. However, the smoothness and the harmony with which the controls work is just too amazing. Loved it!

The Graphics

Well, there is no doubt on the high quality graphics that are used in the game. The visuals of the game are quite important as they take to quite closer to the reality making your gaming experience somewhat of a surreal venture. The gloominess and creepiness to the game is validated with the visual quality provided in it so all in all an awesome game.

How to Download

You should definitely download The Room: Old Sins on your devices so visit Google Play Store or Apple iTunes to Install the game for about $4.99.

Have Fun!

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