Holy moly! Are you a crazy car racing freak like me? It’s about time you challenge your inner crazy off-road racer and face all the challenges that come along with this new game titled as Ride to hill: Offroad Hill Climb that is going to provide you one hell of an experience. Oh, and not to forget, this game has been released for Android devices and you can download it without paying a single penny.

F-Game Studio is definitely not a new name when it comes to creating some incredible racing games that are mostly about vehicles which are not easy to handle. They mainly focus on creating games that are about off-road and off-road vehicles. This time they have come up with yet another racing game that is going to provide you an experience like no other with its intense gameplay.

Ride to hill: Offroad Hill Climb Gameplay & Walkthrough

Do you think you have all it takes to be the best racer around and show everyone what you are capable of? Well, if that is the case then this game is definitely the one for you. With a captivating gameplay and stunning 3D visuals you are surely going to get indulged into it within no time.

The gameplay is pretty simple however don’t be mistaken, this is definitely not a piece of cake. You get to choose from a variety of vehicles and climb up the steep slopes and mountains without letting nay obstacles harm you.

Choose from a Variety of Vehicles

As this is a racing game, you are surely going to see some heavy vehicle for your off-roading experience. Go ahead and choose your very own vehicle for this journey from a variety that includes SUV, trucks or a tractor. Choose the vehicle and begin your steepy journey with this.

Furthermore, every tractor, SUV or truck can be pumped to facilitate and accelerate the passage of cards, so keep this thing in mind. As you keep clearing the stages and move further in the game, you will be able to improve each car and make it a lot better.

Overcome the Obstacles

As I have mentioned earlier, don’t be mistaken for the game being easy as it is surely going to provide you a challenging time. The races will be arcade which means you will have to play really carefully and not depending upon some modern physics.

There will be tons of obstacles along your way that you need to overcome in order to move towards the victory. The wide variety of obstacles might create a lot of problem for you whether it may be wooden boxes, mountains of logs or mud puddles. So make sure to keep your eyes open at all time and avoid the obstacles that come along your way.

Oh, one more thing, make sure to overcome the obstacle as soon as possible and not get stuck to it if you don’t want to end your gasoline.

Diverse and Beautiful Levels

There are tons of levels to keep you entertained throughout the game. Your game is going to get  a lot more challenging with each passing level. The levels won’t be very easy however, it is up to you how you can overcome the obstacles and make way to the victory.

Controls & Graphics

Climbing up the mountain on a vehicle like a tractor, truck or SUV is definitely not easy but fun with a lot of thrill. The cool 3D graphics with real-life effects and colors will provide you a great time. Now talking about the controls, they are going to be super smooth where you will get to see two buttons one at right side of the screen and one on the left.

Set New Records

The game has a lot in store for you and as you keep moving further, it keeps getting better. Make sure to control your movements and get the cherished Cans with gasoline. Not only that, as you keep performing well, you will set a new record that can prove who the best racer around is. Moreover, make sue to survive and perform well to unlock the location and vehicles for a more thrilling game.

How to Download?

As you have reached the end of the review, I am sure you must be all excited by now to get your hands on this amazing off-roading game. So, head over to the Google Play Store and download this game right away. Moreover, you can also check some more racing games from our OXi site just in case you want to try out some more.

Happy Gaming!

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