All Hail the Queen! Sounds enticing, isn’t it? DevolverDigital have brought a new extension to the Reigns franchise – Reigns: Her Majesty. The game, just like its predecessors, seems to achieve wonders on the gaming platform. Unlike Resigns, you act as a reigning Queen instead of a king, coming up with suitable answers that will form a storyline for you in the game.

However, my time as the Queen was quite interesting. There were various ways by which I had been killed and did things that made me feel like a real queen. There were all sorts of predetermined tasks that you must perform with the help of your finger tip. Just swipe and lock your decision and see how the game turns out to be.

Reigns: Her Majesty – The Gameplay & Walkthrough

An Appealing Card Game Experience

What surprised me the most is that I was not expecting such a great card game experience. There are all sorts of things that you have to do by just swiping the cards; however, the requests and questions that are asked make a lot of difference.

Acting as the ruling Queens makes things so much better and absorbing. You are asked many questions or requested to do various things; all you need to do is make the decision and implement it by swiping the screen towards the decision that you choose to make.

You can half swipe the cards to see what the two options are, once you have decided swipe all the way through towards your decision, simple as that. Remember, the ball is in your court from the start!

The Storyline

The type of storyline formulated in the game is just marvelous. The narrative transports you to a new world where you need to rule as a Queen of the land situated in medieval time. The new era has arrived, the world is filled with new and advanced knowledge; there are people who do not approve of this. There is jealousy that still encapsulates the Queen with conspiracy; so the Queen (You) has to find a way to balance all factions. Keep good relations with the church, the people and the army and also take good care of the economics of your kingdom. Make sure you make right decisions, may it be just or unjust, and make yourself a popular Queen.

Complete Tasks and Extend the Rule

Keep in mind that you are assigned with many predetermined tasks and missions to perform. You need to keep on accomplishing them to extend your rule. You reign is based on the choices you make so each rightful decision would extend your rule giving you more life whilst giving you more power and time to rule the kingdom.

The game of Intuition

I hope your intuitions are strong enough to play Reigns: Her Majesty. The key to sustain longer in the game is to make use of your intuition to the maximum limit. You need to trust your gut while making any decision and see it getting implemented. Fingers crossed! Let’s hope whatever you decide turns out to be in your favor otherwise you may die soon.

Balancing the Factions

The questions and requests that are made in the game are simplest of things like personal relationships to complex decisions that involve economic conditions of your kingdom. You have to be wise enough to analyze the situation and choose the answer that is expected to the best and suits the real Queen.

The choices you make affect different factions and areas of the rule. You have to find a way to balance all the groups and validate your standing longer in the game. Keep on working on your popularity with the church, the army you have, and the treasure along with the people. So, analyze each choice deeply and use your intuitive skills to foresee the results that come out of it.

Not to mention, if the imbalance of any sort occurs you will die and will have to start your journey from the start as a new queen.

Inventory Items and Cards

Reigns: Her Majesty is filled with many items and cards that you need to collect and can use on people when they come running for you to make some decisions. These items can help you in devising new plans by giving you a third option to the already given two options. You can choose the mid way and make a more diplomatic decision.

Remember! Don’t just keep on using the cards on everyone who comes your way. Be wise and see if you really need to use the items otherwise your people will consider you an incompetent ruler and you will eventually die.

Graphics & Controls

To take the whole experience to the next level, the graphics and controls of the game are devised with such detail and smoothness that you feel the eternal bliss while playing the game. The visuals are amazing and doesn’t bore you to look at them; moreover, the swipe controls are well-established and quite smooth to encounter. So, all in all a great experience!

Although, Resigns had successfully grasped the attention of all the hardcore and casual gamer but, Nevertheless, Reigns: Her Majesty is a great card game venture to witness. This, definitely, is a beautiful extension rather; it adds more to the original in leaps and bounds.

Let’s not waste any more time and Download Reigns: Her Majesty for $2.99 from the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes. However, search for more Card Games on our side and see which of your favorite games are already reviewed.

Have a Royal Experience!

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