Who isn’t familiar with the Interesting concept of Toy Story encompassing a whole toy world. Reviving somewhat the same concept with a slight variation, Redden introduces tools instead of toys. YES! Tools would now take on the battle field. Use a set of tools to get into the battle field and fight a set of opponents. “Sneak peak into a contemporary world of Toy Story” with Redden. Developed by Team Bulosodeuk Redden is an action based game play.

Let’s start with the background of Redden. Redden is a story about tools who have dumped up in an old garage like area in a far off land. They had been rendered useless, but the tools themselves still take pride in representing themselves as useful. Each tool has a story to narrate whenever a new tool comes in to the shop.

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Play as you will be the tool fighting your opponents, shedding them off like vegetables. The head, the torso and everything gets ripped off. Shed blood, because the more you shed blood, the more points you gain. Additionally, more the things you destroy the more you score. If you play well and happen to take a head shot, you will gain three stars.

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The plot of the game is based on multiple stories, with the three more prominent ones. First story is that of a Chinese prince, the second is of an incompetent ninja and the third one is about a sniper. Each one of them have tools and using those tools you have to combat the battle.

In the first story of a Chinese prince, he first learns to hunt animals with a bow and arrow and is later on battling against an invading force. Here you will be maneuvering arrows from a bow. Every projectile has a special capacity tied to its momentum meter.

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The second story revolves around a ninja, trying to win the affection of a beautiful lady. He throws powerful kunais that sprwans about four clones in front of you. You have to keep the original kunai safe and the third story is about a government assassin.

Moreover, you will come across different projectile motions and barbaric acts. Touch the screen to activate your power, dodge obstacles on your way to the target and send arrows through multiple people and animals.

Notably, a big challenge of the game lies in its visuals which is very distracting. Each time you destroy an opponent, they distort and dissolve into pieces. The tricky part is in the visual perplexity which takes place because of the graphics. So, go ahead and enjoy the game.

Good Luck!

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