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Behold! BT21 has set off on a journey to become UNIVERSTARS in the latest block action puzzle game Puzzle Star BT21! Gather around with the like-minded friends, and embark on a thrilling adventure in the universe’s first block puzzle game.

In this latest puzzle game by LINE Friends Corporation, the cute BT21 characters meet an innovative puzzle game. This perfect blend of exploration, puzzles, and science starts off as a fun game to play in short intervals, but eventually it becomes a habitual obsession. That’s the thing about puzzle games, remember Blackbox Puzzles?

Everything you enjoy about an addicting puzzle game is here. The BT21 world looks beautiful, and the game is full of puzzles. Unlike most puzzlers that we normally come across, the game has a narrative that runs throughout the game.

Puzzle Star BT21 Gameplay, Review and Walkthrough:

The gameplay is quite easy, and suitable for people of different age groups. Yes, even a kid clear levels with ease, however as you proceed, things get tough.

On the upper side of the screen, you can see the number of stars based on your current score that you have achieved so far. The block on the centre of the screen is the one that you have to draw. The smaller block shown on the screen is the next block you have to draw.\

Complete missions to advance!

Complete each mission assigned to you by drawing blocks in the empty spaces. We wish the game was this simple, but it’s not – Not everything would the blocks fit perfectly, and sometimes you won’t find a perfect spot to place the blocks. Rotate the shapes to change their position and try again.

The game controls have been adapted for touch screens, and they work reasonably well for the most part. You can enjoy the innovative gameplay by simple tap controls. Swipe your fingers to blast the blocks away. Draw and clear the blocks in various stages to become a UNIVERSTAR.

Collect blocks, fit the shapes in the places where they belong, and keep proceeding in the game. However, you as go on, and advance, you will see some special blocks such as the melody blocks. Lines that have nothing but special blocks cannot be cleared, and give you a tough run.

Clearing a line or more will also let you acquire helpful items in the game and will earn you boosters. But the real rewards await you for when you clear the levels. The level up bonus activates as you clear the initial stages of the game.

The game features universe-class cuteness where you can play the game with plenty of cute characters, and can also unlock more as you advance.

As you conquer various levels, and proceed onto the advanced ones, you will also get various gifts in the game. Unlock more characters such as Van, RJ, Chimmy, Shooky, Mang, Tata, Cooky and Koya. More the characters, double the fun!


The higher you Character level, the higher your Score Bonus. You get as many bonus turns as the lines you clear. The more lines you clear at once, the better. Clearing more lines will unlock the rewards that are given on the bottom of the screen.

Get various rewards from your gift box. Rewards such as the bombs, and others clear special lines such as vertical, or horizontal ones.

Skill up with Boosters!

The characters don’t just look cute; they also have abilities that help you complete the game missions. Improve your Skill Effects and Max Level by getting characters of the same type. So, clear stages, earn XP, and conquer the puzzle adventure.

Ultimately, Puzzle Star BT21 draws the audiences instantly and gets them hooked – it’s that addicting. So, give it a shot by downloading it from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes right away. Enjoy!


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