Combats! Shooting! Fighting! and more, violence all around you. Sometimes, you really need a break. With all those upcoming game trends of violence, chaos and ferocity, gamers sometimes yearn for some relaxation. Don’t worry we got your back buddies! Push & Pop is an amazing arcade game developed by Rocky Hong, and is a promising mental catharsis.

Engrossing challenges and aesthetics, along with a swift flow, Push & Pop will not at all fail to entertain you. If you are not busy with anything interesting this weekend, why not give it a try. With beautiful graphics and visual, and an amazing sound quality, enjoy hitting and swiping off the blocks with Push & Pop.

push & pop

Play as a stack of two white blocks, moving in different directions. Moreover, slide other blocks coming your way, as far as you can. However, if you are able to slide off five blocks together in a row, you can get them off the board. So, move across the board choosing your path aesthetically and immerse yourself in this epic new puzzle ride.

Push & Pop

Decide, plan and think before you make your move, because here time in not a constraint. Enjoy the blocks and its flow. The swift, water like flow of the game will sooth your senses. Drop down the blocks smoothly and all along pick up tiny blue blocks to increase your score.

You have to match the dark blocks, but don’t forget the light colored ones otherwise you will lose your score.

Plunge yourself into this immersive gameplay and go with the flow. Download now on Apple Store or Google Play Store and enjoy the ride.

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