Adopting a puppy was never so fun! Get a chance to nurture a puppy and let him grow under your care and supervision in Pug – My Virtual Pet Dog – a game imbued with multiple fantabulous features to discover.

The game is a recent release by Frojo Apps and like all their other games; this game is also alluring and magnetic enough to draw anyone towards its glory. Although, the gameplay is specially designed to give the younger audience a sense of relish but, undoubtedly, gamers of any age would enjoy playing this carefully crafted game.

So, to know more about this awe-inspiring and galvanic game, let’s discuss in detail.

Pug - My Virtual Pet Dog gameplay

First and foremost, the gameplay of this game is just cherry on top. It’s hard to believe the attention to detail that is provided in the game. It is crammed with such features which will, surely, make as happy as Larry.

Not to mention, the cardinal task is to nourish and raise the puppy that you, supposedly, adopted. The job seems quite easy and well it, truly, is. However, the punch is given by investing various tasks that you have to perform for proper nurturing. You have to clean the Pug, take care of his food and making sure that he gets enough sleep each day.

While your focus is on that, don’t forget there are plenty of other things to do. Completing the level on the bottom of the screen is also quite pertinent to attain. Earn more and more coins and move on the next level in Pug – My Virtual Pet Dog. However, moving ahead in the game means the Pug is growing and would soon become an adult.

Pug - My Virtual Pet Dog mini games

If you think, accomplishing all the aforementioned errands are going to get you through to the next level, then you are mistaken. This is probably the best part about the game! The game is saturated with multiple mini games in it.

Moreover, the imbued games are categorized in; Musical, puzzler, arcade and car games etc. That’s not all! These categories are delightfully divided into many thrilling mini games to divulge in. Play any game you want and witness the ultimate joy.

WHAT’S MORE INTRIGUING is that earning coins not only successfully takes you to the next level, but helps you in buying tons of new items. The interesting fact about the game is the opportunity to enhance the surroundings of the house. Furnish your own garden and upgrade items present in each room with some in-app money. Just shake the inner decorator in you and experiment in every way possible.

Pug - My Virtual Pet Dog modification.jpg

WAIT THERE’S MORE – House is not the only thing you can play around with. Go to the character customization section in the game and experiment with the looks of the Pug. Give him new hairstyles, grant him accessories, play around with his appearance along with clothing and give your imaginative power a spur. Come on! Be creative.

Coming towards the controls of the game! Well nothing could be more awe-inspiring than it in Pug – My Virtual Pet Dog. The easy and simple controls make the whole gaming experience a blast. Most of the time all you need is to drag and drop the items or the character. However, mini games may require the Pug to jump; for which a separate button is infused on the screen.

Pug - My Virtual Pet Dog enhancements

Let’s talk about the Carefully Crafted, Jaw-dropping Graphics of the game. The graphics are, definitely, cartoonish which serves this game perfectly. They are colorful, alluring and aesthetically satisfying to glance at. If the game has not over done it then it has certainly not underdone the graphics. They are just about right and will, definitely, provide glee to whoever plays it.

So, leave everything at rest and divulge in this remarkably created game by visiting Google Play Store.

Have Fun!

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