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It’s time to gather your dream team, take down the enemies, and compete for glory. Warriors, lead your team against the corrupt forces in the all new RPG mobile game Portal Quest.

It is a fun role playing game created by none other than PerBlue Entertainment; the creators of Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. In this latest game, players will fight the monsters to hold the Hollow back in tons of challenging chapters.

Portal Quest Gameplay, Walkthrough & Review

As the hollow is poised to take over the world, it’s time to hold them back by assembling your heroes, and waging battles on them.

Gather the best heroes!

Assemble the best team of battle ready warriors, and take on your enemies in epic matches. Summon your dream team to take down the enemy. Here, the game lets you collect more than 45 unique heroes where each one has its own set of skills and abilities. Build out a full team of undefeatable heroes, and dive into the battle arena to fight it out.

The heroes at your disposal are unique, and possess their own strengths. Use the right heroes for the right king of enemy, and watch them turn the tide of battles for you as you emerge to the top.

Intense 5v5 battles!

Conquer the campaign, and take down the enemy by fighting in 5v5 battles. As players dive into the battles against the opponents, they can unleash all their skills one by one to take the monsters down. From the axes, to the nature’s wrath, players can unleash all their skills.

In the 5v5 battles, players will come across the enemy in three different waves. In each wave, you will outmaneuver the enemy with your skills, and take on the next horde of enemy. You win the battles when the enemy’s energy drops down to zero.

As players battle through the campaign, they will earn plenty of gear, experience, and shards that will not just help them sail through the levels, but will also let you upgrade your heroes.

Upgrade your heroes!

Upgrade your team, and make them the finest Heroes Portal Quest has ever seen. Upgrading your heroes will make you able to hold the Hollow back as you defeat the enemy for good.

As players unlock new heroes in the game, they can also equip the heroes with numerous skills, and weapons. Equip your heroes with different items, knives etc and prepare them to step into the battles.

Guild Wars

Players will not only attack other players, but you all also have to defend your Keep. Join your guildmates, and take on other guilds in the epic battles, and conquer them.

As for what’s in it for you, players will earn chests and other rewards every time they win the battles, and give the enemy a tough time. You can earn great items in the Gold, and the Silver chest.

The chests have epic rewards such as new heroes, new skills and much more. Furthermore, completing each mission will let the players collect loot as well including gold and other useful stuff.

Challenging game modes

There is always a battle to wage in Portal Quest in the tons of challenging game modes it offers. From collecting unique gear from the dungeons, or putting your team up against other friends, you can enjoy the battles however you like.

In the Campaign mode, players will look to complete different chapters one after the other. Completing each chapter will earn you stars, and will take also take you onto the next chapter. Other game modes include Arena, Guilds, Merchant and much more.

All in all, Portal Quest is a fun RPG that will get you hooked instantly. So, if you have what it takes to challenge the dungeon monsters, download the game from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes now. Cheers!

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