Are you ready to Pop the fun? So, hop on the boat and experience the popping fun like never before with POP FRENZY! The Emoji Movie Game. It is a release by Sony Picture Television who has launched a few games in the past, mostly inspired by real TV shows or movies.  

So, serving in the same manner it has developed this game inspired by The Emoji Movie. It is a ball popping puzzler game letting you open the hidden secret in your phone, just like it was in the movie.

Watch its trailer to see the magic yourself.

I’m sure you’d agree when I say that the most exciting thing about the game is its cute and fun gameplay based on the movie. However, it is simple but entices a lot of excitement in you. It is, primarily, a fresh take on the bubble shooter with the blitz style of a gameplay.

Well, who doesn’t love to play with their favorite characters and to tell the truth we all are prone to such games having real movie characters. Likewise, the developers of the game have invested it with almost all possible characters from the various categories in the movie. Including; Hi-Fi, Gene, Jailbreak, Music, Food, Technology, Animal and Textopolis.

Moreover, the gameplay in POP FRENZY! The Emoji Movie Game is not only impregnated with your favorite emojis but also filled with some moments taken out from the movie. The most primal feature of the game is to hit the bubbles with the same class or color of the bubble given for the attack. The same color bubble would blow the balls placed on top, eventually, giving you points.

POP FRENZY! The Emoji Movie Game gameplay

Another important point for consideration is the time span that is given to you. You only get sixty seconds to blow as many balls as possible in the game so blow the bubbles before you run out of time. You also need to collect and blow some special boxes and power-ups. However, the power ups contain special powers and act as an aid for you while boxes have special rewards for you, unveiled at the end of the game. Special bonuses may include; slap, bombs, multicolor bombs, and speaker so on.

That’s not all – along with blowing up the bubbles you also have to collect them to unlock special rewards offered in the game. In addition, you are also gifted with super fill bonuses, meaning that all you have to do is fill the bars and get extra rewards.

Furthermore, each game has special missions to achieve but the only issue resides with the time. The time never increases except for the time power-up that you can collect. You need to finish these missions to unlock more of your favorite characters, eventually, having more fun.

POP FRENZY! The Emoji Movie Game characters

Remember that you act as a help to Gene, Hi- 5 and jailbreak in escaping to clouds by popping all the bubbles and cleaning them all away. The characters want escape and you are the key help they have so try not to make any erroneous decision.

Moving on, the bubble popping is unlimited which means the entertainment is never-ending so flex your fingers and pop up the bubbles, additionally, download the game From Google Play Store as well as from Apple iTunes for free.

To be honest, POP FRENZY! The Emoji Movie Game is a real amusing journey catering emoji lovers and lets you pop the bubbles with some cool and fun way. Just Hop on the ride towards clouds 9 and batter the bubbles and blow ‘em up.

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