Pokemon Quest

Gamers, it’s time to dive in the cube world! The wait is over as Pokémon Quest lands on Android & iOS! The latest game by The Pokémon Company is now available to all.

The game takes you to Tumblecube Island that is filled with mini monsters. Set in the world with all your favorite Pokémon, players are tasked with befriending different Pokémon, and embarking on different expeditions together on the island.

Pokemon Quest lands on Android

Make new buddies, and create your own team in the cube world. Knock the wild Pokémon out using your unique team, and find the awesome goodies hidden on the island. All you have to do is tap to enjoy the lively and fun battles. So, if you are interested in getting the game, download it from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes now. But if you want to know all about the game, head over to read Oxidroid Review. Have fun!

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