If mythologies interest you and catch your attention, then Phantomgate might entice you.Enter the world of Phantoms, exploring lush green landscapes, forests and the mysteries of the land of Midgard. Phantomgate welcomes you to a world of spirits and mystical adventure. Phantomgate is a mobile game developed by Netmarble Games .Gear up for a real time Disney life experience with phantoms and spirits all around you.

Probe more into the ancient world of Midgard magical world and explore the hidden secrets and quests. Meet Astrid, a daring young valkyrie in the land of Midgard. Find out more about the Norse mythology which is the central concept behind this game. Help Astrid as her story unfolds and investigate more about the hidden truth. Astrid has a dark mysterious path, find out how she ended up in the land of Midgard.

Combat multiple unknown evil forces, using phantoms at your disposal to save the land of Midgard and its inhabitants. Play this duel role playing game with your teammates and explore the world of Midgard from forests to icy tundras.The graphics of the game give a complete Disney world experience. Not only this, The avatars are simply mind blowing.

A complete magical kingdom with supernatural forces take over the land of Midgard. Save Astrid’s mother from the evil Odin’s dark forces. Enter the world of Midgard and make your way through the six regions of Midgard.  Play with as much as 300 phantoms and watch them turn into powerful creatures with certain special elements. Defy the Gods having unique abilities and power.

Join Astrid in her quest for survival and a deep desire to find out the hidden truth behind the evil spirits in the land of Midgard. Watch the battle going on between the good and the evil phantoms and see how she saves humanity from the ruthless outside world.

Begin your story in search of the hidden treasure, fighting against the mighty forces. See how truth wins in the end. In addition, take a look at the incredible creatures ranging from small critters to humongous devils. Know more about the Norse mythology and its origin with Phantomgate.

There are over 60 stages in this game, 6 chapter bosses and 3 dungeon bosses. It also gives players a chance to summon their players in every 12 hours. Plus, logging on each day gives you a bonus point. Keep playing the game to unlock bigger features and earn rewards.

You can also collect gems and gold in the game. Each of them have their unique utilization like speeding up the rune making or upgrading your skills. Noteworthy, an interesting feature of the game is that you can make friends through it. Add friends from facebook or simply find them in the game.

Download this game right now on your Android system with Google Play Store. Phantomgate also offers some in app purchases. If you don’t want to avail those features, simply disable them from your system. Bear in mind you must be at least 13 years old to play this game. Get hold of Phantomgate right now.Hurry!

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