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Playing car racing game was never so fun! Tree Men Games has just launched another sequel to their previously released Racing Game PAKO with the name PAKO 2. Just like its first edition, this new venture also exhibits excitement and adventure in an arcade driving environment where you will only be thrilled.

The game a nerve wrecking experience and at the same time it rejuvenates your mood and mind. Simple gameplay, simple controls and efficient graphics make this game extremely unusual and proficient. I just fell in love with it!

PAKO 2 – The Gamplay & Walkthrough

The gameplay of PAKO 2 is quite simple and does not hold great deal of complications which is perfect for a racing game like this. What made my eyes drool over this game was the uncanny racing mechanism that it delivers; no need of a racing track or controlling to race on exact points.

Just drive the car anywhere to fulfill your duty as a getaway driver for your crew members. The motto in the game is to safely escort your friends from the clutches of cops and to take them to a safe place. There is number of levels involved in this game with locations that will please your complete and surely.

Moreover, there are number of weapons and other social perk items that you can utilize in the game to dodge the cops and to protect yourself. Well, with the inclusion of light action, the game becomes two times more appealing. Thumbs up!

The Simple Gameplay Mechanism

The gameplay of PAKO 2 is quite simple and easy to learn. All you need is to escape the clutches of cops and help your crew members to flee from them. Drive your way out of danger and use the weapons that your vehicle contains.

The arrow that appears on the screen guides you towards your goal; you must follow it and go to various areas that hold multiple rewards for you. Nevertheless, remember not to crash with things and as each collision will take your HP and you do not have much to waste.

Choose your Country

The very first thing that you must do to continue the game is to select the country of your choice. There are not many options but the few options that are available are enough to excite your gaming experience in PAKO 2.

Selection of Vehicle

Selecting a car for your race is another interesting thing to do; there are number of options when it comes to the cars, and each vehicle is unique and attractive in its own way. There are many sorts of cars big or small; however, initially only Sedan and Van is available for you to use.

All the other cars, such as; Pick up, OG, Sport, Muscle and many more, needs to be bought for in app currency. Buy new cars and test which one proves to be the best one amongst so many options as each vehicle holds different abilities.

The cars are judged on eth basis of Health, Speed and Gun that it possesses. Obviously, get yourself a car that has higher health, great speed and possesses a gun that is powerful.


The game is crammed with many beautifully crafted locations that the player can explore. Avoid cops, save yourself from blowing up and earn as much money as you can in PAKO 2 and discover new areas like, Misty Fields, Martins Valley, Motor Bay Golden Sands and Devil’s Plains.

Initially only Devil’s Plains are accessible for the players; however, as you move ahead in the game and keep on earning money, you can always buy to visit and unlock new locations.

The Controls

Well, the controls of the game are not so hard to master; they are simple, smooth and easy to learn. They are explained quite clearly before starting the game. All you need is to tap left and right for navigation and if you want to pull breaks then simply tap on both side of the screen at the same time. That’s all!

The Graphics

The overall look of the game is extremely joyous. The quality of visuals and richness of tone makes the whole look of the game simply superb. The hand crafted vehicles and beautifully created locations give PAKO 2 a great edge. I loved it!

The Leaderboard

Not to forget, you can see and compare your scores with other players around the world on the Leaderboard that is available. What’s interesting is that each location that you play in has different tabs on the leaderboard so you have a chance to make your mark in all locations infused in the game.

Download the Game

To play the game all you need to do is, go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and install the game for unlimited racing venture.

Happy Driving!

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