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Nexon Company has always surprised us by the games that they bring forward. With the games like; Durango, Unknown Heroes and Returners, they make us utterly happy and pleased. So, again they have not taken aback in providing just that. Their newly launched game OverHit is one of the most delightful games that I’ve ever come across; based on turn-base battles with powerful visuals are impeccable.

Moreover, the gameplay along with beautifully crafted graphics are just un-explainable! So, let’s start our detailed analyses and see what it has to offer.

OverHit – The Action Packed Gameplay

Without a doubt, the gameplay and over all look of the game is quite different and unique from other Nexon’s released games. The way the gameplay and story unfolds is extremely mesmerizing; however, there are no prolonged introductions in the game.

From the very start, you will have to come face to face with the enemy; practice controls and understand battles. However, each level is implanted with great and inspiring story that is carried out by each character. So, the intense fighting gameplay is balanced by perceptual storyline that will keep going as you move along. Seems quite intriguing to me!

Not to mention, the game withholds many chapters and levels in it. You must complete and win each level to move forward and unlock more and more stories.

All about the Battles

Just like Hit (Heroes of Incredible Tales) the game is based on action packed adventures and battles; however, the battles in the game are comprised upon Turn-Base Battles and are not a hack-n-slash venture. You and the enemy take turns in attacking each other and can use the special abilities and skills that you are bestowed with.

Moreover, the journey that you have embarked is not lonely for you; you must unlock many available characters in the game and form a powerful team to face the enemy and kill it. Not to forget, with the use of special attack you can bring more damage to the foe.

Remember, each battle is recorded in-terms of time, so finish the combat as early as possible to make your mark more strong.

The Character HP

While you are busy fighting the ugly enemy, keep your focus on the character HP. Every attack counts as it will keep on diminishing the HP. Not to worry, it’s not only applicable on you but the enemy disciples will also lose it on every blow. So, try to hit the as hard as you can and be the champion.

The Powerful Characters

The game is imbued with many characters for you to unlock. All the characters are unique, withholding many active and passive skills along with abilities that when used give life to the battlefield.  The abilities that these characters are remarkably well crafted; the way they are represented during the gameplay brings shivers in your body. All thanks to the slick graphics of the game.

On the other hand, you can open various cards in OverHit to unlock or win more characters for your team. At the end, it’s up to you to decide which member you want to use in your squad. The ball is in your court!

Rewards and Level up

Keep on winning to achieve more and more rewards along with chest reward that undertakes many items for you along with more characters. Additionally, you must win crystals and diamonds to unlock many hidden benefits and buy numerous items that you may require.

All that aside, leveling up your characters are the most important thing to survive in the game. Keep your focus on winning so that your character gets to level up, eventually, becoming strong enough to face much intimidating enemy to come in further levels.

The 3D Graphics

OverHit makes a mark with the implanted 3D graphics that it has provided in it. The game has Unreal Engine 4 that perfectly sets the game in competition with any PC game. Cinematically, the game is just a treat; the richness in visuals along with effects and the way the characters are depicted are just incredible. You will simple fall in love with the way the game look!

OverHit, surely, is a game to download! So, Download it from the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes for free and search for more RPG Games Review on our site.

Slit the Enemy apart!

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