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Are you one of those who love playing Casual Games like me? Then Oliver the Virtual Cat is the game for you. Frojo Apps recently released this game which is simply an awesome experience to divulge in. The gameplay is simple yet quite comprehensive and easy to understand.

It is best suited for young gamers as it involves all the cute aspects of a cartoonish graphics and gaming mechanism that is most loved by kids. However, the developers previously has released many interesting game of same manner like, Pug – My Virtual Pet Dog and that too was an amazing gaming experience.

Oliver the Virtual Cat – Gameplay & Walkthrough

Overall, the game is sweet. Just as the previous releases by the same developers, this game too can make anybody feel content and refreshed. Although, the gameplay of Oliver the Virtual Cat is somewhat same as Pug – My virtual Pet Dog but the animal involved in this game is a Cat instead of a Dog. So, we can say that this one is solely created for Cat person.

Oliver the Virtual Cat – Game Rules

The game rules are simple and clear; all you need is to take care of the pet cat that you own and feed it, bath it, make sure it sleeps well and help it in turning into a grown up. There are multiple other things that you can do in this game like playing many mini games and buying various stuff for your cat, dress it up alongside redecorating the house. The opportunities are immense!

Taking Care of the Cat

Well, the main motto in the game is to take good care of Oliver (Cat). It is important that you nurture it and keep on clearing the various stages until it is fully grown. Talking care of the cat is not that big of a deal; however, you must make sure that you are persistence and regular player.

Give Oliver a Bath

Start off Oliver the Virtual Cat by giving it a good bath. The cat when arrive sat your place is covered with dirt, so you main job at that moment is to clean it up. Scrub it well and put it under the shower and there you go clean Oliver is there jumping up and down.

Moreover, it is also important that you keep its cloths clean and tide. Although, initially Oliver wears only a diaper but as soon as you keep on earning money you will be able to buy more cloths. Also, make sure that you take Oliver to the bathroom regularly.

Feed Oliver Well

Feeding your cat is quite an important task otherwise how will he grow up. So buy many food items from the fridge that is available and feed it well until it is full and happy. There are many things present to eat for Oliver like, candies, meat, chicken, fruits, cookies donuts and many more things. Yummy!

Oliver needs a Proper Sleep

Since sleeping is also an important task, you must make sure that Oliver sleeps properly and with lights off so that he is not tired and can perform other necessary tasks easily. Just click on the lamp to turn it off and when it is done sleeping turn the light on and see what else he is required to do.

Dress it up

Oliver the Virtual Cat also provides you an opportunity to customize the look of your cat. There are many options when it comes to customizing your cat. If you have enough money in your pocket then buy various dresses, accessories, eye features, hair, fur and also give your cat a distinctive look by changing its color.


You can also refurnish Oliver’s house in whichever way you want. You can change the look of all three rooms that are, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Buy many new items and look of each and everything placed in the room and make it more fun and surely it will boost up the level.

Mini Games

To keep the interest high, there are many mini games invested in Oliver the Virtual Cat to make your gaming experience somewhat of a more blast. These mini games are based on different genres like, puzzle, arcade, racing and music, superb!

There is no doubt that the overall game is not much different from Pug – My Virtual Pet Dog and Talking Tom but it is still quite entertaining. However, it would have been nice to see some diversity in the game so that you don’t feel like you have played them game before. Otherwise a good game!

So, to Download Oliver the Virtual Cat all you need to do is visit Google Play Store and have fun playing this amazing game.

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