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If time travelling is your cup of tea then you have landed on the right track. Oden Cart 2 A Taste of Time is a game with some fun, fab and fascinating features to play around with which would surely intrigue excitement in you.

Moreover, it is an extremely adventurous role-playing game, developed by GAGEX Co.,Ltd and as the name of the game suggests; it lets you taste the time-lapse where the character goes back into the ancient city of Japan.

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To make you feel more connected, the developers have kicked off  the game in a story mode which is quite enticing as it gives you a better perspective. The story, however, also reveals the goal and informs you of your role.

The challenge for you lingers between two things; to earn as much money as possible and to find a way to get back home. But Don’t worry all you need to do is  play the game till the end and let the story unfold.

The gameplay of Oden Cart 2 A Taste of time is relatively simple and easy to catch. The cart owner needs to sell Oden – the food from the future, in the Edo city and beckon more customers.

Oden Cart 2 A Taste of Time gameplayOne thing for sure, attracting customers requires a lot of effort and persistence; not only that, You also need to listen to the woes, secrets and worries of the customer.

That’s not all about it, you will face various colorful personalities amongst your customers, however, re-occurrence of the same customer is going to increase their loyalty point for you.

Oden Cart 2 A Taste of Time loyalty points

For the startup, the customer affliction start with few casual complaints and later on turn into bigger issues. However, listening to them patiently, eventually, increases the loyalty. In addition, the increased loyalty points makes the customer stay at your cart for a longer time; hence, more money could be earned.

All the customers that come up to your cart have different gripes which you have to tap over to listen to their woes. The interesting thing about the game is that listening to afflictions takes up most of your time and you don’t even feel bored.

You will also notice that the gripes in  Oden Cart 2 A Taste of time have multiple colors such as; purple, yellow, green, blue, red, grayish and multi-colored each of which represent a different problem.

As a matter of fact; purple indicates love, yellow represents life, green tells us about their personal issue, red explains family issue while grey is related to other general problems. However, the extremely personal issues of the customer are depicted in multi-colored gripe.

Oden Cart 2 A Taste of Time gripes

You’ll also be able to observe that, eventually, the issues of the customers become more intense and acute.

The challenges won’t stop there for you, you also needs to keep an eye on the food items that you are selling. There is not much of an option for food items in the cart. It offers only three kinds of food items needs to be restocked every now and then to comply with customer’s demand.

Oden Cart 2 A Taste of Time food cart

Additionally, the favorite items of customers mentioned in the customer tab serves as a blessing in disguise. So, you can easily keep check and balance on the customer’s favorite food and stock the cart accordingly.

So, I think it is safe to say that Oden Cart 2 A Taste of time crafts the adventure by making you find your way back to the future and entices the patience and empathy in you.

Lastly, the game is available on both Google Play Store and iTunes for free. It’s not only free to download but it also offers no in-app purchases. Trying to throw all the possible opportunities to the valued gaming enthusiasts. Enjoy!

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