Bring out the warrior in you. Unleash your power to fight this deadly plague which has struck the nation during the American Civil War. Yes, you are the survivor and the one responsible to knock off your enemies with special weapons and vehicles. If you have all what it takes to battle to outmaneuver deadly enemies, then don’t hesitate to give Noblemen: 1896 a try. Fight the American Civil War with brave warriors in Noblemen: 1896 developed by Foursaken Media.  

Waste no more time. The enemy is finally at the door step. Take the role of the noble soldier, striving to take control. Use weapons to destroy enemies. Hide behind the covers such as sandbags and walls to safeguard yourself. Moreover, try taking cover within close range of the enemy militia squad to prevent maximum damage. Ultimately strive hard to destroy the enemy militia.

Now come towards the control system! You will find it quite easy and interesting. Pressing the arrows would make you snap and cycle through targets. Moreover, the weapons have different ranges of effect, showing the amount of damage. Tap to aim, while press and hold to shoot.

noblemen 1896

The cherry topping guys is that your nobleman has sword as well and is also well skilled in using it. So, after you weaken the enemy, you can use melee to destroy the opponents completely. Tapping the screen would make you switch to melee. And don’t forget, once you are in a melee, you will ultimately be locked in a combat. Secondly, defense and critical strike icons will appear randomly on the screen so you will have to act promptly.

Destroying the enemies will make you earn gold. Moreover, when you have enough gold, you can buy supplies, items and resources for the combat. In addition, you will also find special ammos of several types. Each one with its own advantage in the battlefield. Find special ammos in the supply crate or simply buy them from the ammo shop.

Bear in mind that after each victory, your units are upgraded with experience. The game provides two modes to fight your rivals. One of them is war campaign which is a combination of strategic planning and field combat. The second one is to raid the enemy in skirmish battles.

The war campaign is fought on strategic war maps. In a war campaign you will move, attack, capture strategic locations and gather resources and eventually you will destroy the enemy headquarters. Remember, don’t get demotivated by the empty battle fields in the beginning, as you progress through the game, you will unlock multiple units and armies filling up the battle field.

To sum up, Noblemen: 1896 is a perfect blend of technology, art, history and war mechanics. Download now from Google Play & Apple iTunes Store to Play to know how it actually feels to be in a battle combat.


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