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Be the brewer of the ninjitsu world and create a game that gives you a chance to be a skillful ninja. Ninja Heroes – Storm Battle is an RPG game based on ninjutsu experience, letting you crush the enemy with fiery hot skills whilst infixing strong strategies. It is a Recent release by Talent Game and being their first, the game withholds high expectations.

So, let’s see what it has to offer for the die-hard gamers’ round the globe.

The game is reminiscent of other games previously covered games by Oxi – iShelter. Although, all the other features of the game are entirely diverse but the overall look of the fighting arena seems quite similar.

Whereas, iShelter required you to expand the various imperative departments of the underground constructed haven via fighting more and more enemies, Ninja Heroes – Storm Battle doesn’t ask you to do any such expansion. It exhibits a simple gameplay where completing multiple quests and moving forwards while upgrading your squad is the key.

Embedded Quests – The Most Interesting Part of this Game. Quest Instance is instilled with Normal and Elite stage map. Each one withholding various chapters in them so fight like a ninja in each battle, consisted of two rounds (again iShelters pops in my head), where you are required to smash and crush the enemy down to proceed.

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The difference between Normal and Elite quests is that the latter possesses ninja Soulstones in it, which can be utilized to summon more ninjas or to star them up. Additionally, there are many general and daily quests which will help you achieve your goals. Participate in these tasks to gain many items needed to upgrade the team members and to sustain a powerful standing in the game. Fierce fight is all you need!

What’s even more exciting is the availability of cards in the game. You can buy multiple cards with gold or diamond purchases and draw them to get free items or ninja. Moreover, the backpack is filled with many items that are useful in upgrading your characters. So, keep your eyes on the prize!

Furthermore, you can unlock and add more fighting arenas Ninja Heroes – Storm Battle. Just keep up the good fight, reach certain levels and unveil the many interesting and enthralling locations to explore.

Ninja Heroes - Storm Battle home

Barge into the blazing battles with highly skillful and mighty squad of five Ninjas or Shinobi. Ninjas are known for their wise and farsighted intellect so use offensive, defensive and support skills in accordance with the tactics and strategies beneficial on the battlefield and be the best ninja of all times.

All the team members are upgradeable and can, eventually, be evolved. Along with their basic skills, the characters possess abilities based on four natural elements; wind, water, earth or fire. So use them wisely for multiple times as soon as the skill bar is charged.

The characters also lose HP so make sure that you destroy the enemy and their monsters before you lose your energy and die. Additionally, you can also unlock and add monsters or inhumane creatures to your squad to have more intimidating effect in the battleground.

Not to mention, you can always connect with different factions and chat with friends all around the world in Ninja Heroes – Storm Battle and compete with global players through cross-server battle system. So, don’t miss out on anything and have fun of a lifetime!

Ninja Heroes - Storm Battle quests

Overall, the gameplay withholds great potentials but the graphics and the controls are not so captivating. The look of the game is exactly the same as iShelter and just like it, this game also requires HD quality graphics and advanced visual effects that would definitely raise the bar and most importantly would attract a lot more audience.

The most concerning part about the game are the controls.  The game surely has an auto battle option for you to avail but choosing to fight manuals was confusing for me. The controls are not apt or operative enough to use. The characters fight fine in auto mode but manual controls require a lot more upgrading.

However, the game worth a try, so visit Google Play Store now and download the game free and be the brewer of ninjutsu with your favorite squad.

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