Darkness Rises

Darkness is crawling throughout your land, and the demons are ready to destroy your world. Do you have the skills to take down the evil before the evil conquers you? NEXON Company’s Darkness Rises is Out for Beta Testing and we are thrilled to have a good RPG at your hands.

The game is a follow up the to the Dark Avengers series, and is the third title in the installment. The game puts in a position where you have to destroy the evil before it breaches the gates of your land.

Here, in this game you will test your skills, and engage in challenging boss battles as you seize control of the monsters. Gather allies, and explore the dungeons together, and collect rare loot. So, if you want to give this game a shot, download it from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes now. In the meantime, you can check out the OXI Review to know more about the game. Cheers!

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