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Experiencing childhood in a big family can be a lot of fun however might get boring at times which makes you look out for fun activities. One of the most loved activities is playing games that involves dice. Dice games are a favorite when it comes to family gatherings so how can we miss out the most popular dice game YAHTZEE? So, get ready to hear the big good news!

Scopely is back again with their brand new out of the box game called New YAHTZEE® With Buddies which has been released for Android and iOS devices. In the event that you need to encounter the same nostalgic surge of familial recollections and intensity like Yahtzee, look at New YAHTZEE® With Buddies, a fresh and fun game from the developers of The Walking Dead diversions and Disco Bees!

New YAHTZEE With Buddies GamePlay

New YAHTZEE® With Buddies provides a quick and simple way to pass time. The game retains all its classic charm, while bringing in new features and beautiful graphics. Not onlt that, design wise, this game is a visual treat buds!

Different Gaming Modes

Regardless of the odds that you’re playing individually, there are a lot of incredible modes to attempt in the game. The first is competition mode, which allows you to challenge different players from all around the globe.

Game Modes

Now, there’s a mode where you can play against the PC, at that point Dice Masters mode is for you. In this mode you go head to head against the troublesome CPU competitors. This mode is perfect for you if you want to check out what kind of rivals you can encounter. A lot of in-app money can be gained if you win in competition or Dice Masters mode that can be spent on dice and powers like additional rolls.

Main Goal

The main objective in New YAHTZEE® With Buddies is to leave away as the one with the most highest score by defeating the opponent. All you have to do is roll the 5 dice making the best possible combinations. Those searching for some genuine test may checkout the every day Yahtzee competitions. You will win awesome prizes if you win those competitions.

Visual Treat

The UI of Yahtzee has been beautifully designed. This fresh out of the box game comes with new highlights and stunning, genuine designs. The game is anything but difficult to learn for a learner, yet hard to put down.

Connect your Facebook Account

The application additionally gives choices to dice customizations and vanity edges to flaunt your style. You can customize the dice according to your choice. Players can likewise associate with Facebook and offer your amigos to take you on in Yahtzee. Get ready to bat them and show who is the boss!

OXi Verdict

Anybody keen on playing against loved ones on the web or those who want to feel the nostalgia should definitely play this game. Begin playing New YAHTZEE® With Buddies today.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download this game right now from the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. Happy Gaming!

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  1. It appears that something is not quite right because I’m playing multiple Platinum High Roller games and my opponents have identical rolls and scores. Although I win a lot it’s not much fun when you can predict what an opponent in one game is going to roll because a different opponent has just rolled their turn. And I’m right more often than not. But the odds of two different opponents playing me at the same time and they have identical rolls is too high to calculate. This happens when games are started simultaneously


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