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YesGnome, LLC has released new title by the name Champions and Challengers – Adventure Time. Although the game seems to have an attractive gameplay but it, primarily, looks a lot more like the Tangent Co. game Adventure Time Run.

Now the question arises – which one has a more powerful gameplay and which game would attract the audience more? As both are based on characters from, the Cartoon Network original series, Adventure Time and have used almost the same quality of visual graphics with a powerful storyline.

So, to make it a little easier for you Oxi has brought forward a few points to take into consideration.

The game by YesGnome is an action packed game full of adventure, letting you to explore and experiment with the characters in a battlefield. It also makes it possible for you to utilize few of your favorite characters at the same time whilst facing the enemy. However, the most intriguing part is the availability of PvP mode in the game. You have an option to play in the Arena with other player to make your experience more global.

On the other hand, Adventure Time Run serves totally a different gameplay. It is an arcade game, based solely on running towards the endless journey. You can unlock many characters in it, but they won’t run alongside you in the game. What makes this game a little less enjoyable is not having the PvP gaming system in it.  All you have to do is run endlessly and collect multiple treasures which doesn’t seem that exciting.

So, my vote goes to Champions and Challengers – Adventure Time and I will suggest you download it now from the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes.

All discussions aside, it still is up to the players to choose any one of these games or to opt for both. Base the decision on what type of games you like to play. So, whatever decision you make, Oxi hopes that it lets you towards the joy of springs.

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