Project: Battle Game

All thanks to some epic survival titles in the past couple of years, the action survival genre has been exploding lately. But a good survival title is not as easy to find as you think it is. But, rejoice because NetEase Latest Project: Battle is Now Available in Alpha!

NetEase Latest Project: Battle is Now Available in Alpha

Brace yourself for survival action, some epic gunfights and fast paced building mechanics as this game is all about building, fighting, and surviving the stranded vast map. This adventure takes you to quantum virtual world where you can either be a just hero, or a cyber hunter.

Survive the epic battleground by building defense structures to prevent the opponents from overcoming you. Create watchtowers, set traps, and freeze your enemies to be the last man standing. If you are intrigued, check out the descriptive Oxidroid review we have jotted down just for you. Or, dive straight into the action by downloading the game from Google Play Store now. Cheers!

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