Nella The Princess Knight Adventures

How often do you come across a game that not only provides entertainment to your kids, but also sends a strong message so they can learn, and grow? That’s right. Rarely! So when you are just shuffling through different games, looking to find “the one” and you come across a game that states “Women empowerment” you don’t think twice. Nella The Princess Knight: Kingdom Adventures aims to inspire girl empowerment, self-confidence, resilience, and compassion among the users and that’s what makes it a must-have game in your kid’s computer.

Created by the world’s leading kids TV network Nickelodeon, the game’s female protagonist Nella is a yet another kick-ass female character in the list of your favorite female characters as if she is a Wonder Woman for your kids. Nella is a princess but don’t underestimate the knight in her with her shining armor and all. The game is a pre-school series so your kids remember from a very young age that your kids can be creative, confident, problem solvers, and they can take on anything all the while having some fun.

Nella The Princess Knight Adventures

The plot of the game revolves around Nella’s quests one after the other to save her kingdom and protect them. It features mini quest games. Firstly, In Hide and Seek, you have to find Nella and friends with the light of a sword. Secondly, In Shift shapes, you learn ordering and collecting different shaped objects. Other mini games include Feed the Impkins where Nella feeds them ice cream, additionally In Willow Needs Support, Nella supports friend in gardening. Lastly, in the Helping Birds, you use your bow and arrow to help lost birds find home. So, basically there’s a lot for your kids to learn.

Completing each quest will earn you dragons cards which will help you in the next levels. Match the same cards by clicking on them, if they match they will disappear. When all cards disappear, you can proceed onto the next level. This game relies on a child’s memory and it helps the memory sharpen.

Nella The Princess Knight Hide and Seek

Nella’s Adventures also transcends the traditional woman roles and societal expectations by transforming the princess into a knight, leading from the front. In a bid to save her kingdom, Nella has got some companions always by her side like Trinket; a unicorn and Sir Garrett; a loyal knight.

The game is a reminder for the kids that potential knows no bounds, even if you have a tiara on your head to carry. And even if you are gentle in your persona, you Go introduce your toddler to a badass female character by Downloading the game on Google Play Store now.

Nella The Princess Knight Dragons Matching


The bad: In spite of the strong message, the game falls short at a few places. The game looks silly after a while because it’s too simple, even for the standards of kids. However, Toddlers may learn from it but they will soon get bored.

Verdict: If you want your toddler to learn about the female heroes, and some basic memory games incorporated with fun activities, Nella’s Adventure is worth a shot.


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