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Are you ready to dive into a world full of interior designers where you can show off your talent? Well, I’m sure you are if you have ever thought about interior designing. Kkwan has released a new game called My Home which has a great gameplay and amazing visuals that are sure to keep you hooked for hours.

Kkwan has also developed a game in the past called War of Colony which received a lot of appreciation. This game is a lot different from the previous game as it is all about interior designing. Sounds fun, right? My Home is an interior designing game where various interior designing daily tasks need to be completed and your work can be seen by world’s best players.

Now, moving towards the gameplay, it is quite simple with no need for lengthy tutorials as anyone will be able to understand the whole game in a matter of few minutes. However, as the game begins, it suggests you to connect your Facebook account so that you would be able to play on any kind of device in the future. It can also be played from a specific device only, just in case you don’t want to link your Facebook account to this game.

My Home

As the game begins, there will be 5 different tasks that are going to be assigned to you to showcase your skills. So, get yourself ready and design various parts of the house including bedroom, dining room, living room etc. You have to be very picky about the furniture so that it can grab the people’s attention. Moreover, nobody likes a tacky room full of colors. So, take your decisions wisely to get a good rating.

Well that’s not all; let’s talk about the rewards. As the tasks are completed successfully, you will be able to receive various prizes which contain coins, diamonds and keys. Now let me tell you why you need these items. As you get new tasks, new furniture will be needed which can be bought from the store with the help of coins. The furniture will be automatically added to the inventory.

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Talking about the controls– you don’t have to panic because the controls are easy peasy. All you have to do is swipe and select things and tap on them. Nothing more than that, amigos!.

Special Prizes – Well, did you hear the word Prizes? Yes, that’s the fun part where you will get unique furniture pieces as a prize. That happens when your work reaches a 4-star or a 5-star. So, make sure to provide work that will be highly rated.

That’s not all! Lets just not forget the voting, you will be able to see a lot of work from designers over the world. Your task is to vote for the best design that can be counted as a 5 star work. You must be thinking how is that going to benefit you in the game? See, I got you! Voting will make you earn keys which will let you enter new challenges and earn a lot more rewards.

So, if you’re free then do give this game a try. Download it right now from the Google Play Store and become the top interior designer.

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