Motorsport Manager Review – A Mobile Treat for Racers


Let’s begin the fun with one of the best racing games around – Motorsport Manager. The game is filled with unlimited natty features that thrill the inner racer in you. it is developed by Christian West where, Interestingly, you don’t drive the vehicle yourself but you, surely, need to plan the whole racing routine. Strategy is the key, make each and every move count.

Although, the game is primarily a racing game but it mostly involves planning and strategizing. Throughout the gameplay you are responsible for developing different strategies and then invest in them successfully to aid your drives in winning the race.

Motorsport Manager gameplay

What’s most intriguing is that your planning doesn’t end here. You are required to achieve and accomplish so many other things in the game. In order to enhance your headquarters you, increasingly, need to earn profit. Well, that not an easy task.

To make the gaming experience more subtle, the developers have widened the range of applicable strategies and tactics. Since the very beginning of the game you get to know that there is a lot to discover. You go into a quest thinking it will be easier but that is not the case. However, as the racing starts you get to know how important it is to, firstly, form a substantial plan and then to upgrade your vehicle.

So, when you jump to the main menu you notice that the headquarter requires an upgrade in order to enhance the vehicle and racing abilities. Interestingly, the Headquarter contains various departments that need upgrading, including; Aerodynamic, Design and Manufacturing.

To be able to upgrade these departments all you need to do is increase the number of staff so that the development becomes more efficient and your vehicle becomes more resourceful. Moreover, hire new drivers that would cost you less to manage your bank account proficiently. However, new drivers are unlocked after the investment level 2.

Motorsport Manager race

Additionally, you can extend the contract of already appointed drivers and negotiate the contract as per their and your needs. Appointing drivers is not all that is there, you can also extend the contract of the engineers that you already work with along with assigning new ones to develop a vehicle that’s even more powerful.

Not to forget, earning sponsors for your team is one of the ultimate goals. You need them to invest in your matches so that you can participate in various tournaments eventually, earning them and yourself profit.

Motorsport Manager goes an extra mile with the type of strategies it requires you to shape. After you are done upgrading your headquarters, it all comes down to your in-race tactics. It’s befitting to mention that the game is not a first person racing game, where you drive your car and race for the victory.

Motorsport Manager home setup

To win the game – plan wisely. You can strategize on the basis of Gear ratio, Aerodynamics and Tire selection. Each one serves different proposes; Gear Ratio determines the speed of our vehicle, Aerodynamics decides on what king of driving you want to possess while tire selection helps you to keep good hold on the track.

So, Motorsport Manager is a treat for racing game fanatics; it lets you explore the racing world in a way where your only friend is your strategic mind. However, the one thing that the game lacks is the availability of playing as a first person. It would be more interesting to explore the racing track in person and experiment with the wheel.

All discussion aside, Motorsport Manager is a definitely a game to download and play so visit Google Play Store or Apple iTunes to have a firsthand racing experience. Not to forget, the game is primarily available for $2.49. However, the game developers often play around with its pricing sometimes, offering it for free for the gaming fanatics.

So, brace yourself and go gaga over this carefully formulated racing game.

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