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Well, who doesn’t love to play Christian West’s Motorsport Manager and when it’s offered for free – grin like a Cheshire cat. The game is primarily available for $2.49 but currently it’s out for FREE on the Android. Yes you heard it right, it’s FREE!

There’s no doubt that the game is a complete package and has so far succeeded in leaps and bounds. It is comprehensive, complete and on top of that it’s fun. Who wants to miss the chance to experience that, right?

The game has it all! From advanced aerodynamic designs to nifty manufacturing of the vehicles, from appointing novice drivers to assigning qualified engineers. You can level up the headquarters, hire new drivers, strategize and what not.

On that note, the most fun part about game is the way you can shift strategies during the race. While your drivers are engrossed in the race, you can aid them by changing strategies, consequently, helping them win.

I’m sure it’s enough to dig you deep in the game, so without wasting any more time, visit Google Play Store now and get the chance to avail the limited time offer to play the thrilling game for free.

Let the fun begin!

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