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Buckle up gamers! Let me take you on a journey to across the galaxy and play the game as you like it. Crescent Moon Games have launched their game Morphite Planet Exploration in the final beta version and it will be fully released soon.

Morphite is a game which is akin to the No Man’s Sky. The two are pursuing a comparable idea of extension, yet they go about it in altogether different ways.

The thing is No Man’s Sky is somewhat unpredictable. Here in this game you will have a monstrous universe, go and do whatever you want. Inasmuch as what you needed was bouncing around a planet pondering what you should do.

Morphite goes the other way. It insights at an enormous universe of conceivable outcomes, yet it’s a considerably more tightly, more straightforward game with an exciting gameplay.

Morphite Planet Exploration Gameplay & Walkthrough

While playing the game you will be able to step into the shoes of Myrah Kale. Myrah keeps running into a substance called Morphite while going by some planet with a specific end goal to examine some life frames for her old science accomplice, Mr. Bricklayer. Morphite is an uncommon material and obviously, a critical one since it is some sort of a myth to the general population. Myrah recollects that them from her youth. This material is a standout amongst the most imperative things for Myrah in this universe and her life is to change beginning from the minute she sees it.

After we discover Morphite, we start making sense that it is really a canny being which tails us all over, opens ways to sanctuaries and begins a voyage for the two of us.

Get Ready for the Transformation

The game takes you into space after a little while. You will be investigating the planets, examining diverse types of life, and endeavoring to discover more about the main component.

What’s more, the entire thing works truly well. You have a cluster of various tools available to you here. Your scanner gives you a chance to record the neighborhood verdure, and a convenient gun gives you a chance to battle back in the event that they get testy.

You’ll get projectiles as well, and a reference point that gives you a chance to summon your drop unit to your present position. With regards to the space segments you’re simply plotting bounces. You’ll have to refuel too, and manage privateers and different occasions when they manifest.

Levels & Controls

The levels themselves are conveniently assembled. There’s some bouncing, some shooting, and some straightforward perplex unraveling. Get to the end and you’ll push the story along, opening up more universes to investigate.

You can stray voluntarily in the event that you need, however there’s a push to discover what occurs next, and rewards for adhering to the journey way.

What’s more, the thing is, the game truly influences you to feel like you’re a part of some gigantic space musical show which looks real. There will be different characters here which means you wont have to feel like you are the only one.

Everything is displayed in flavorful blocky 3D. Generally you’re playing a FPS, controlling your character with coasting sticks and catches.

Sounds & Graphics

Morphite is made with ‘low poly’ visuals which makes everything look like a dream. This attractive condition is dependably in agreement with the music.

This low poly style may look inadequate to a few, yet I guarantee you that with neon craftsmanship, they look phenomenal. With certainty, I can disclose to you that these  universes of Morphite look stunning and every last one of them recounts an alternate story.

Soundtracks are somewhat quieting with the exception of when there is a boss on the screen. They are intense folks, so they are went with all the more enthusiastic music, much the same as they merit.

You can go ahead and check out this game in the Beta version from the Google Play Store right away!

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