Monopoly Slots

Your favorite board game with an amazing new twist is here! Yes, Monopoly Slots; a monopoly and slot machines hybrid is now out! Become monopoly brilliance, and reach to the top of your fortune with the latest casino game Monopoly Slots.

Your favorite board game meets the most authentic Las Vegas Slot machines gameplay in this latest game created by none other than Scientific Games Interactive. Here, in this game, you will travel to the Monopoly city, and assist Mr. Monopoly to restore the aging metropolis to its former magnificence.

So, spin, and roll as you enjoy exciting original slots to become a millionaire. If you want to know all about this game, why don’t you head over to read our OXI Review? And lastly, if you want to try your luck in the game, head over to Google Play Store now and Apple iTunes and download the game, as it is absolutely free to play. Cheers

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