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Hold your guns as an action packed shooting game is making its way to your devices soon. So get ready as an action packed, thrilling game awaits you. Become the master of your own fate, choose an agent and become a shooting champion with Modern Combat Versus created by none other than Gameloft; an absolute favorite developer among gamers.

Modern Combat Versus is an online multiplayer First Person Shooting game that you won’t be able to resist. The multiplayer campaign allows the players to compete with warriors where you can use your shooting skills to eliminate your enemies.  To save you the trouble of getting to know the basics of the game, you will get a guide to walk you through the basics and your role as the shooter in the game. Once you complete the Octo contract, your work as a warrior will begin.

Modern Combat Versus Gameplay

Use simple joystick controls to play the game. Swipe the right joystick control to look around and swipe the left joystick to move around in the game. To jump over different obstacles in the game, you will have to sprint. Just aim at the enemies to shoot them. Just like any other shooting game, precise aim is the key. Double tap to aim down sight.

Winning each game will earn you a crate which will stock up in the inventory. Open it to get the rewards for hunting and shooting the enemy, but hold on, to unlock the crate, you need to tap on a timer on each crate before you can open it. The rewards are tremendous whether it’s the new agents that you can acquire or the skills your new agents carry. Tap details and you will be shown the role of the agent, as well as their strengths. Each agent has their own abilities and you will be able to use them in the battle, as well as upgrade them using XP. It’s worth the wait, I suppose.

Modern Combat Versus Victory

Build a squad of your agents before jumping into the battles and use them according to their strengths and their role. Check the achievements tab to see everything you have achieved as an attacker, defender, assassin or generally. Complete your objectives, quests and unlock new achievements to proceed in the game.

Modern Combat Versus Achievements

Visually, the game is excellent. It provides realistic console-gaming quality visuals that will make you feel like you are a part of the game. The game has been soft launched in many countries but we still have to wait for the official launch. Pre-register for the game on Google Play Store and Apple iTunes now so you don’t miss a moment of this thriller.


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