If there is anything that makes me more excited about MOBA shooters is the announcement that Mobile Battleground: Frontline’s Beta Version is Available Now! Alchemisted Tech announced that its latest MOBA shooter game will soon be launching officially, and we are thrilled.

Mobile Battleground: Frontline’s Beta Version is Available Now

It’s time to reach the top of the rankings, and challenge the players worldwide in the innovative shooter gameplay this game features. With only 3 minutes to fight, you will blitz your enemy with all your powerful hero skills, and take the opponents down rapidly.

Summon powerful heroes, and shoot, and charge on the enemies, ambush, and counterattack with your ultimate squad to cling to victory. It’s the real 4v4 shooter showdown on here, so read more about it in our OXI Review. Or if you are a fan of MOBA shooters just like us, try your hands on this title as soon as it launches. You can download it from Google Play Store. Have fun!

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