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Rejoice, as MMX is back! It’s time for some high octane, adrenaline fuelled PVP action in the latest racing game by Hutch Games. Buckle up for the most addictive PVP driving game MMX Hill Dash 2 and prove yourself as the ultimate hot wheeled driver.

MMX Hill Dash 2 is a sequel to the massively successful racing title MMC Hill Dash where you feel the rush as you drive your monster trucks across hazardous rough terrains, and become a legendary driver. We have other great racing titles such as Ride to Hill: Offroad Hill Climb and Driveline as well, but this physics based PVP driving game is a whole new experience so without further ado, let’s walk you through the game.

MMX Hill Dash 2 Gameplay, Review, and Walkthrough

MMX Hill Dash 2 repeats the same formula as its first installment that won more than a 100 million players from all over the world. Like its predecessor, here you will face a simple horizontal scroll racing game starring hundreds of vehicles, where your ultimate goal is to race over to the finish line successfully.

Rough terrains to conquer!

Test your driving skills to the extreme limits in the game, and drive your way to victory by conquering the hazardous terrains where you will face hill climbs, jumps, bridges, loops, and lastly ramps. Furthermore, the game also features some of the roughest tracks such as the Arctic, Tropical, and Canyon where you will overcome the challenges and prove your skills.

Loads of monster trucks to choose from!

The game provides you the choice between some epic, boosted vehicles where you can choose from The Micro, The Monster, The Buggy, Quad Bike, The Supercar, Snow Mobile, and many others. So, choose your favorite ride, and enjoy the adrenaline rush.

100s of racing challenges

Hundreds of racing challenges await you in the game where you will compete with other players in challenging off road trials, and prove your might. Don’t let things get out of control, and time your throttle craze to perfection. Test your skills as a driver as you control your gas pedal to tilt the truck forward, and hit brakes to tilt backward.

Fast PVP action

Race hard, or go home! Buckle up for some fast paced PVP action as you take on your friends in the 4WD race offs, and show them who the real king of the roads is. You will take numerous challenges on the tracks, and overcome different obstacles thrown your way.

It takes some real driving skills to finish the races in this racing game, so hit the throttle and speed head to win the PVP races. The race tracks are quite challenging where you will have to fly over a variety of obstacles, jump over ramps, and reach the chequered flag.

If, at any point in the game, you are unable to climb steep hills, or clear jumps, use the speed upgrade, as it increases the acceleration and max speed, and lets you overcome the obstacles quickly, paving your path.

Upgrade your trucks & crush the opponents!

Crush your opponents using your monster trucks. The game also allows you to upgrade, and enhance your monster trucks, and boost its systems. Go turbo with the awesome upgrades that MMX Hill Dash 2 allows you such as improving the speed, grip, air tilt, and stability.

Transform your vehicle into a unique masterpiece, as you enjoy fast and furious fun. As you finish a run to the finish line, you will get various upgrades such as speed, grip, stability, and sand tires etc.

Defeat your rivals, and climb to the top

Go crazy in the races, and climb to the top of the leader boards. Defeating your rivals isn’t a tough task, if you control you speed just right, and collect all the upgradable rewards such as fuel, and others on your way to the finish line.

The thrilling off-road gameplay, the intense yet fun crash scenarios, and the ultra realistic physics of the game makes the whole racing experience worthwhile. Be rest assured, once you indulge yourself in the driving action, you won’t be able to stop playing MMX Hill Dash 2.

So, get your hands behind the steering wheel, and strap in for some fast PVP action by downloading the game right away. Head over to Google Play Store and Apple iTunes now to grab the game. Cheers!


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