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Welcome to the age of war! The war of the future is upon as the latest MMO Strategy Dino War is Unleashing on April 26th. It’s time for a global evolution, and every man, woman and child must fight for the survival in this thrilling journey.

MMO Strategy Dino War is Unleashing on April 26th

The game created by KingsGroup Holdings takes us on a unique survival experience where you fight back with the Jurassic giants, and overcome the global threat. The game features mighty beasts, where you can forge friendships with the wilds, hatch plans, and ally your forces to take the enemies down.

The immersive game world features plenty of epic gameplay, and kickass characters that will make your game experience worthwhile. For more on the game, read our OXI Review. So, give this survival experience a shot, and battle the mutant hunters by downloading the game from Google Play Store once it’s out soon.  Have fun!

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