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Welcome to the world of Alchemy! Bring your portion recipe, or don’t! Our brew master has got you covered. Miracle Merchant is the third part of the card games trilogy by Arnold Rauers but it’s nothing like its first two parts; Card Crawl and the Card Thief. Miracle Merchant is an alchemy game where you are an apprentice of master alchemist and you create portions for your thirsty customers.

A stream of customers awaits you to brew a portion for them. You brew portions using a unique randomly generated set of cards. To complete the game, you have to serve the customers right by brewing the portion they require. Failing to mix a portion correctly will kill your customer and you will have to start all over again.

Miracle Merchant alchemist

The game begins with an introduction of the secrets of portion brewing. You can use 4 types of ingredients to brew a portion for your customer. Use cards of 4 different colors – Blue, Yellow, Green and Red stacked in four different decks of cards. Each unique pile of cards represents a color. The game will give you a tutorial on the basics of portion brewing so once you have learnt it; you can open your own shop.

Miaracle Merchant portions

Gameplay of Miracle Merchant is quite easy. You have to drag and drop the cards onto the mix area to use the card for brewing. Once you have placed all the cards, the portion gets created.  The icons on the cards indicate how well the ingredients work together and which ingredients don’t go together at all. Value of each card depends on how well you have combined the ingredients.

Each customer has a specific order that’s shown to you in an upper text bubble. You have to use at least one ingredient that the customer has asked you to include or the game will end. But at the same time, you have to strive to make the portion strong enough as well.

Miracle Merchant Blue Twin Portion

You will earn gold coins based on how satisfied the customer feels with your portion and the strength of it, because as soon as you place all the cards on the mix area, it tells you whether the portion you created is strong enough or not. You will get bonus gold if you use the customer’s preference ingredient in your portion. If the customer has a boot icon next to it, you can skip to give him the portion if you can’t play their wanted cards.

To maximize your reward and to get additional points to the portion, you can either place the same colored cards next to each other if the icons are on left or the right side to gain a bonus called Twin or you can place cards between others to get points. For example, red cards can be combined with red cards to gain extra points and to make the portion stronger.

The down side to you easily completing your tasks is that some ingredients are spoiled and they are represented by Black cards which indicate evil ingredients. These ingredients have negative value on them and they can decrease the value of the portion they are included in. A good chemist knows how to brew a good portion even with evil ingredient and minimize their effect.

Your goal is to reach the total recipe score that the ingredient cards score of the number the game requires you to reach. In the initial level, you have to get a recipe score of 15 and ingredient card score of 9 to finish the level. The game is a high score chaser so the tasks and the stakes keep getting higher and you have to chase it.

Miracle Merchant score card

Miracle Merchant is simple and easy to play and always fun and challenging to play during short breaks from work. You can compete with other people via online leader boards to keep things more interesting and challenge your friends with your alchemy skills. Download it from Google Play Store now, what are you waiting for?

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