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Are you ready to visit various golf courses and play as many golf matches as you can from the comfort of your living room? Looking for some quick golfing fun? Get the ultimate golf experience in the latest game Mini Golf King created by Bluehole PNIX as it’s just the right kind of game to play.

Golf is a king’s game. Yes, in terms of effort too. Not only is it quite expensive, but it’s a struggle to drag your clubs to the golf course daily. All this makes the new golf game so much fun. So, without further ado, let us walk you through all Mini Golf King offers.

Mini Golf King Gameplay & Review:

Mini Golf king is a quick yet quite fun mini Arcade game that’s as addicting as it’s easy to grasp. Once you hang the hang of simple pull and aim mechanics of the game, it’s quite easy to make the shots. Take the fastest route to the hole. All you have to do is to drag the club towards the bottom of the screen and then aim in the direction of the hole.

But hey, watch out for the wind as it changes the direction of the ball, making you finish in longer time than you would hope for.

Exciting Multiplayer Matches:

In Mini Golf King, exciting real-time multiplayer matches await you. You will face players from all around the globe in exciting matches; the winner takes the trophy, as well as the opponent’s coins.

The rules are quite simple – The player that puts the ball in the hole in fewer shots wins. It might be easy for you once you know the game mechanism, but eventually you are going to run into rather different matches against more experienced players.

You will play and compete in various fun golf courses, some are simple, but we also have Tube Slide matches, Water Park matches to give you an experience that’s one of a kind. The more multiplayer matches you win more the chances of moving up in the leader boards.


Of course, you are not competing against the world class players only for nothing. The rewards are plenty and can we just say, glorious? Beating the opponents will earn you gems. Plenty of them! Use the gems to unlock new clubs, balls and other golf equipment.

A variety of Golf Clubs and balls to unlock & equip:

Your golf bag contains all your clubs like driver, putter etc, and balls. Initially, only the beginner driver would be available to you but as you clear different stages of the game, you will be able to unlock clubs like Clover, Rainbow, Gray Camo, Yin and Yang, Energy flow and many others.

As for the balls, you will start with the beginner ball, but there’s Cherry, Shooting Star, Emerald Beauty, Silent Hurricane and whole lot others to unlock. It’s always better to play with fancy equipment, isn’t it?

But that’s not it, if you want to equip some of the fancy equipment a little early in the game, you can buy them using the gold bricks you earn after matches. 3 new cards appear in the Shop section of the game daily, providing you some chance to grab new stuff so hurry up.

Challenge players from all around the world!

What I love the most about multiplayer player games is that there’s always a chance for you to test your abilities, push your limits and move forward. This game provides you just the right chance too, where you can compete with random players in your league, as well as globally. Higher rankings in the Leaderboard grant you more cards from the chests. So, it gives you a perfect chance to unleash the golf champ in you.

Wonderful Golf Courses to explore:

All stages of the game are set out in different exotic locations. You can play the matches in more than 30 golf courses that provide you tons of dynamic tricks. From Tunnel tube, to Water Park, all the golf courses surely give you a golf experience like never before.


After a few victories, you will unlock various chests in the game that have a surprise reward for you. Although it takes a certain period of time to open the chests, you can spend some gold to open them without any wait. Chests reward you with useful items like Sand Wedge, Glove, Putter, coins, and others.

The game easily lures you in playing one game after the other, thanks to the easy addictive gameplay. Do you love golf? This is the game for you. What are you waiting for? Download it from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes right away! Happy Golfing!

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