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Boom boom shake the room! Get ready to fight Sauron in Middle-earth: Shadow of War. The ring of power is finally forged and withholds immense strength in it. Bring Sauron’s monstrous rule to an end and to bring peace and prosperity back to the world. Warner Bros. International Enterprises have conceptualized this game to cater the needs of your inner fighter.

Essentially, Middle-earth: Shadow of War is a roleplaying game to satisfy your fighting desires with its jam-packed brutal battles embedded with quality 3D graphics and sounds.

So, if you want to endeavor astounding fun then this is the game for you.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War gameplay

Let’s talk about the gameplay, is it a carefully crafted game? Well, there is no doubt that the game has furnished an entertaining and embracive gameplay. Thrilling battles, strong characters and bold graphics make it a roaring success.

Just focus on formulating strategic battles and know your character’s strengths and BOOM there you go – victory is at your feet. Additionally, the batting techniques in the game are quite simple; all you need is to drag the character(s) towards the enemy and leave the rest on them.

Not to mention, you are never alone in accomplishing the fierce war tasks. Talion – the focal character – has two types of armies; Champions of Mid-Earth and the Orc army. Champions are comprised of human creatures while Orc is full of inhumane species. So, use them to sustain longer in the game.

Hold up there’s more! Keep on fighting the enemy and unlock various abilities and skills for your character. Moreover, level up or evolve the characters to improve their performance and attacks.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War missions

Dexterous characters are not the only exuberating fact about Middle-earth: Shadow of War. The opportunities are endless as the tasks and missions implanted in the game are also quite intriguing. There are many daily tasks and events along with dangerous missions to complete. Warlords and Orc jobs are the initially unlocked missions.

Well that’s not all! The Campaign section of the game is imbued with countless quests with various levels. The levels full of minor enemies are easy to fight through; however, the real fun starts with the Boss enemy that you come face to face with at the end.

Don’t worry! It’s not impossible to defeat him. Just focus on the characters and devise a powerful attack, making use of your squad. Defeating the big enemy comes as a treat for you. Once the enemy comes on his knees, its falls on your shoulders to decide his destiny. Execute or Brand him, as per your wish, to either behead him or add him up to your Orc squad, respectively.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War fight

Graphics and visual effects are a treat for your eyes. Bold and beautifully fabricated graphics along with 3D visual effects get you hooked on for hours. They serve the game in right way and fashions a picture-perfect Real-time battle experience for you.

Last but not the least – the controls of the game also serve their purpose. .Just drag the character towards the foe and leave rest on your character. Don’t forget to make use of special skills along with shadow abilities of each character to make it more fun.

We are sure Middle-earth: Shadow of War has fascinated you enough to delve into its gameplay so without further ado go on to the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes to download it for free. Don’t forget that the game offers some in-app purchases so use your money well and smash the enemy with more power.

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