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Hello, Heroes! Welcome to the world of Maze. Slash your way through hundreds of enemies, and test your true strength in the latest Action RPG Maze: Shadow of Light. Traverse your way through Tera, fight the ominous shadow and chop, slash, and hack the enemies as you romp across the game’s vast map.

Unravel the myths that lie beyond the Maze before you embark on this journey in the least Action RPG by none other than AwesomePIG. Maze: Shadow of Light is a fantasy game so you are not entirely confined to using dreary weapons to fight, instead you use numerous spells, and moves at your disposal to destruct the enemy.

Maze: Shadow of Light Review, Walkthrough, and Gameplay

Maze: Shadow of Light is an upcoming mobile action RPG scheduled to release for both iOS and Android devices in the coming days. However, the game is already in beta testing phase. We tried our hands on the game, and here’s what this ARPG is all about.

Fight with the help of Heroes and Guardians

Overcome the dreadful enemies with the help of your Guardians, and Heroes. There are a number of heroes you can choose from. Sina; The Silent Assassin is the master of subterfuge and subtlety, and aims for virtual spots to kill the enemies instantly.

Rai, on the other hand, is the successor of the Tower of Great Knowledge and can transform every ordinary thing into something extraordinary. Moreover, you can switch the hero any time. The game enables the players to swap between their Heroes, and Guardians to activate the combo chains.

Guardian Transformation!

Enchant your sacred cores to strengthen your Guardians. Transform your hero’s costumes, followers, skills, equipment and strengthen them and keep proceeding in the game.

Fight the enemies, and bring them down by using your epic skills.  Survival skills are divided into Defense and Evasion. You can switch the skills anytime, and tactically, it is a crucial key to survive the intense battles.

50 stages!

Take the evil Diabolus, and follow the intriguing story line in more than 50 stages. You will play the game in various stages, where each stage has a different mission. As you proceed to the next and advanced stages, you can also level up your skills as well. Upgrade your active and passive skills, and incur additional damage to the enemies with them.

Collect Gacha Points and exchange them into bonus rewards. Moreover, you need to know about the Blessing System Details. When you purchase gacha with the “Bless” mark, Bless can be used before you reveal your result. By Blessing, cards will randomly be blessed to a higher grade.

Real time Arena Mode!

In the real time Arena mode, you will test your ultimate skills up against the enemies in 2v2 battles. These battles will test your true strength, but if you use the right skill at the right time, you can turn the tide of the battle anytime.

Maze mode!

Find the hidden relics in the maze of the unknown, and survive. Craft equipment such as Ancient, Legendary, Heroic, Rare, Magic, and Normal, and upgrade it to take the monsters down.

Vast equipment to choose from!

Sharpen your knives, and upgrade your weapons. There is a way to make your weapons one step higher. There’s a total of 7 different grade range of all equipment parts. Fight the enemies, and bring them down by using your epic skills.  Survival skills are divided into Defense and Evasion. You can switch the skills anytime, and tactically, it is a crucial key to survive the intense battles.

Complete quests for exclusive rewards!

Find the upgrade materials in the Dimensional Crack and don’t miss them ever as you can only enter limited number of times a day. The rewards for taking down the Raid bosses are quite generous as they are formidable monsters.

Conquer one stage after the other, and earn awards by completing the daily missions. You can earn gems, and coins by competing the maze, completing the raid, and dimensional crack etc.

If you think you have what it takes to bring the huge bosses down, then give this game a shot. Head over to Google Play Store and download the game right now. The adventure awaits you!

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