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With the New Avenger movie releasing around the corner, it is befitting enough to introduce you all to the new role-playing game that is based on the Super Heroes and Super Villains of the Marvel series. That is right! You can now play alongside your favorite characters in Marvel Strike Force and can explore the world through their eyes.

FoxNext Games has done a remarkable job in creating a gameplay that perfectly serves the actual theme of the Marvel comics and with the investment of extremely sleek and smooth graphics the game reaches totally new heights in the world of games.

So, without any further ado, let’s have a detail look at the gameplay of this amazing game and see how it serves us one of the best action-packed role-playing adventures of all times.

Marvel Strike Force – Gameplay & Walkthrough

We have previously played DC Unchained which was also quite a top-notch experience for me; however, the gameplay of the current game is also established with great care and detailing. Not only the gameplay features are awesome but the overall visual impact along with game controls of the game ate superbly handled.

Marvel Strike Force – Gameplay Mechanism

The gameplay of Marvel Strike Force is quite simple and easy to understand and master. You have to create a squad, unlock many characters by winning more and more stages and form allies with various other Super heroes and agents of S.H.I.E.L.D to fight the enemy.

There battles that are forged in the game are also not complicated; they are simple as you along with friends need to face the enemy in turn-base combat system. Moreover, there are few primary and secondary skills for each character that you play with in the game; so use them as per your strategic needs.

Also, the monsters or enemy that comes your way also come in the form of team. It is important that you keep your attack impactful enough to kill them as early as possible to win the game. What’s interesting is that this time Super heroes are not playing against the Super villains, rather they both are teaming up to fight against another common enemy. Now that’s something new!

The impactful Storyline

The world is under the threat of a new kind of enemy. Everyone is in danger and in this time of need not only Super Heroes are worried but the Super Villains are also stressful. Now together, for the safety and protection of the world, they all must face the dreadful foe.  Intriguing!

The Many available modes

Well, Marvel Strike Force is super exciting as it is filled with many modes to unlock and be the part of. You can play in PvE or PvP both; however, firstly you need to qualify for it by reaching at a certain level. Initially there are campaign battles that you will have to fight and keep winning multiple stages to move forward towards the next mode.

There are various modes invested in the game like, Challenges, Arena, Milestones, Events, Blitz, Alliance, Alliance War, Alliance Raids and of course Campaigns.

Campaigns – Various Chapters

There are number of chapters that are present in the Campaigns mode. You must complete and win each of these chapters and see many other modes opening up for you. These chapters may include; Heroes Assemble, Villains United Nexus and many more.

Once you enter the chapter there are various stages that each of these chapters inculcates in them. However, to fight each battle it takes a certain amount of power which you will use and don’t forget to choose the Hero character for each combat and play as your favorite character. In addition, there are many rewards that you may win at the end of these battles.

Completing Daily Objectives & Earn Daily Login Reward

There are many daily objectives that are available in Marvel Strike Force for you to complete. To complete these daily objectives, all you need is to fight the combats and automatically the daily challenges will be achieved; however, there are many rewards that you will be receiving as you move along.

Also, don’t forget to log in the game daily to earn many daily rewards that are set for you in the game.

Orb Chamber and Shop

In the Orb Chambers you can win many characters or Rosters for your team. Unlock these characters and make them a member of your team to use their powerful skills on the battleground. Also, from the shop you can get many other Premium and Tremors Orbs along with many other useful stuff.

Apart from that, there are number of consumable items and supplies that you can win and equip your character with, to gradually, increase your power over the enemy.

Hero Character & Rosters

As you move along in the game, there will be many Hero character that you have to unlock that are based on Marvel’s Super Heroes, such as; Spider Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk. However, each of these characters comes with many other S.H.I.E.L.D characters that will help them in fighting the enemy.

Apart from there will be characters like; Black Panther, Black Widow and many other exciting characters from the comic that you will love playing with. So stay tuned and keep playing!

Character Training & Gears

Get each of the character that you withhold special trainings against gold coins, level them up and make them stronger. The stringer the character is the more there is a chance of winning so keep on visiting the Roster and see which character is ready t get upgraded.

Moreover, there are plenty of items that you need to find in the game to equip your character with. These items will give the character power and with the help of added skills the battles will become more apt and easy to face.

Power Leaderboard

Compare and see your power in the leaderboard which is categorized in three ways; Collection Power, Alliance Power and Strongest Team. Fight the enemy with great strength and intensity to see your team climb the ladder of success. Make your mark around the world and become the master of battles.


The visual impact of the game is superb; the smoothness and richness of the aesthetic content is quite astonishing. The visuals effects that are implanted in the game seem quite cinematic and the quality of the graphics is commendable. Overall, a great effort!

Download the game

That’s all about this amazing game; however, go and visit Google Play Store or Apple iTunes to Download Marvel Strike Force and have a blast while exploring your favorite Marvel Super Heroes and Villains. Also, visit out site and go to our Recommended Games section for more thrilling games.

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