Marvel Battle Lines

MARVEL is on a roll, who can deny that? But their latest collaboration sounds like a gaming treat for all the gamers! Well, the news is Marvel & NEXON team up for Marvel Battle Lines! That’s right, all your favorite super heroes, and villains are coming back for this latest mobile title.

Created by none other than NEXON Company, this mobile TCG consists of all the popular Marvel characters. Marvel Battle Lines is an action packed PvP card game that will have your pick heroes from a deck of cards to form lines, and unleash havoc on your enemies.

Players will be able to enjoy all the RPG elements in the game in the PvP battles, but there is also a solo campaign mode to master your skills in this legendary card collection game. If you want to know all about the game, check out Oxidroid Review or head over to Google Play Store and Apple iTunes now to download the game. Have fun!

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