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The Marvel universe is into chaos! Join the Super Heroes, and the Super Villains in restoring the universe. Marvel Entertainment, and NEXON Company bring you the newest ultimate super hero combat game MARVEL Battle Lines so are you ready to relive the iconic moments with your favorite Super Heroes, and Super Villains?

NEXON Company, a worldwide leader of mobile game has collaborated with Marvel Entertainment for this all new card game, and we are absolutely thrilled. Marvel is dipping its toes into the world of mobile card-based strategy games with the release of their latest game MARVEL Battle Lines.

Featuring hundreds of iconic Marvel characters, the game combines some of the core concepts of Marvel super hero battles, with card based tactical gameplay, all rendered in great game graphics. Here, you will assemble teams of heroes, and villains to compete across an original storyline.

So, has Marvel succeeded in delivering a card battle game that’s authentic to the characters, and true to the platform? Let’s find out as we walk you through the game.

Marvel Battle Lines Gameplay, Walkthrough and Review

After the Cosmic Cube is shattered, the Marvel Universe is thrown into chaos. And now as all the heroes have united together to save the world, players will set their strategy, and dive into the action packed gameplay to do the job.

MARVEL Battle Lines is a legendary card collecting battle game where we have all your favorite super heroes such as Spiderman, the Guardians of Galaxy, the Avengers and many others. As a hero who is on a mission to save the world, your main goal is to collect the shards, and restore the universe.

Collect Super Heroes!

All your favorite Marvel characters are here. From Captain America, to Daredevil, from Doctor Strange to Thanos, players will be able to collect more than hundred hero, and villain cards.

Each card has its own unique stunning art style making every character a collectible masterpiece. The cards can also be virtually flipped to provide fans with a detailed back story on each character.

Combine Super Heroes, and Super Villains!

Build your perfect deck of cards before you send your favorite characters into action packed combat with players from all around the world. Players have the freedom to choose their own heroes, and villains, and create a powerful team. You can combine Super Heroes, and Super Villains from the Avengers, the Defends, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and others.

Compete in PvP battles!

Unleash your true skills in the pulse-pounding PvP competition. You will deal damage to your opponents by either forming lines of 3 or 4 aligned in an X or an L. Grab three in a row, and attack your opponents. You will aso move the card laid on the board to attack the opponent’s card laid on the board. If it is defeated, you can take its place.

You can also devise a strategy to block your opponents but you will have to time your move accurately in order to not get defeated. Players will start off with a generic deck but as play progresses, players will be able to obtain cards through the campaign mode as well.

Unleash powerful cards!

Got strategy? Set your strategy and send your heroes in legendary card collecting battle game as you attack them with full force. Master your strategies to take on the greater challenges, and compete with the best in PvP battles.

Throw together all your favorite heroes, level up, and rank those favorite heroes to advance onto higher levels. Once your heroes are evolved to higher gear tiers, it will be sufficient to win you plenty of battles. Eventually though, things get tricky, and you have to rely solely on your tactics, and the deck to win.

Players will not just be able to compete in PvP battles, but there is also a single player mode where you can play against Al, fight, and hone your skills and decks.

So, who doesn’t like some epic action packed battles featuring all your favorite comic heroes, right? Are you up for the challenge? Put together your epic team of Marvel super heroes, and villains by downloading the game from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes now, if you are lucky enough to be in one of those countries where the game is soft launched. Cheers!

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