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Rejoice MapleStory fans, as your favorite mobile adventure is back again – bigger, and better than ever! But hold on, your foes here are tougher than ever as well, can you tackle them? Dive into the Maple world with the MapleStory explorers and unravel the secrets of their dark world with their latest RPG that’s rolling out soon called MapleStory M.

Fight intense battles with giant monster in different dungeons, and enjoy the Maple World experience the world has never seen before. Can you conquer the scene in this fun adventure with your friends? Form an expedition of 10 players and defeat the giant boss monster.

NEXON Company has soft-launched MapleStory M and they have upped their game with their latest creation as they now present the ultimate MapleStory M experience directly on your mobile phone.

All your favorite game monsters and characters wait, so return to Maple World as this is your chance to experience an RPG world like never before, so let’s dive straight into the gameplay.

MapleStory M Gameplay & Review

The gameplay is straight forward, and simple just any other RPG by NEXON Company. It’s easy to grasp, and play, but hard to master. As an explorer, you will work with likeminded adventurers who use their skills, and personalities to maintain peace in the Maple World.

Five explorers to choose from!

The five explorers are at your disposal – Dark Knight, Night Lord, Bishop, Corsair, and Bowmaster. All the explorers are unique in their skills, and abilities, so explore the Maple World with them.

Once the game gives you all the available options, it also specifies the skills of each explorer, and the weapons they carry. Moreover, you can customize the looks of the explorer any way you want.

Easy, smooth game controls!

There’s a virtual joystick on the left bottom of the screen that will help you move around in the game. On the bottom right, there are a number of controls that you must use in order to play and complete different quests.

Different quests to conquer!

From Epic, to Normal, to Event, and Theme – various quests earn you various rewards like gems, and gold coins, and new pets etc. Auto-battle is also available for you after the 20th level. In auto-battle, the skills are activated in clockwise order of your button settings.

Mad game skills!

Equip yourself with epic skills that will make you conquer the Maple World easily. As you level up, your skills significantly change. Skills like Slash Blast, Piercing Drive, Charge, Dark Impale are available to you for use after reaching different levels.

Your skills also change along with your characters. Advance to a new class of the heroes, and learn more powerful skills.

Different game Modes for plenty of gameplay!

Embark on various missions in the game to get RPG fun like never before. In the Daily Dungeon mode, you can power up your characters with jewels that are available to you each day. In the Elite Dungeon, you can adventure solo, or join hands with your friends to party together for the rare rewards.

Hunt the monster of your choice without any distraction in your very own Mini Dungeon where you can find various quest items after the hunts. But if you are looking for arena battles at its finest, and if you can face the martial arts master by defeating monsters on each floor, then there’s nothing better than Mu Lung Dojo.

Team up and win together!

Bigger the team, the better! Form a squad with your friends, and explore the dungeons with them together. Together you can even deal with even the deadliest of enemies, who knows.

Treasures, rewards and more!

The daily dungeons earn you various jewels and other rewards that enable you to upgrade and power up your characters. You can earn different jewels each day throughout the game experience.

All your equipment from the arms, pets, jewels and other stuff can be sold off for better rewards, or you could just upgrade them.

Explore Nett’s pyramid!

The dead have risen at Nett’s pyramid. Explore the place, and discover the mysteries. You can also reveal the mysterious treasures by warding off the mummies and monsters. Join forces with your team members and hold off waves of undead soldiers.

So, join the raid party, and embark on this new journey by downloading the game from Google Play Store now. The game is available in beta phase for limited time period, so hurry up as your journey as an explorer begins now. Enjoy!


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