Man Vs. Missiles BETA is Up for Grabs

Hello Gamers! If you are tired of playing complicated action games then Spiel brings you a game that will surely put you in a better mood. Man Vs. Missiles BETA is up for grabs now and undoubtedly it is a game that all kinds of players will fall in love with.

Man Vs. Missiles – Sneak Peak of the Gameplay

The overall gameplay holds quite an impressive impact; although, the rules and gaming mechanism is simple and easy to grasp but it still carries a fun experience for all. The game requires you t protect and save your plane from the missiles that are following you whilst collecting coins to buy and use new planes long with upgrading them.

Moreover, collect many boosters that are available for you to use are either to protect your plane or to speed it up. Also, deploy flares to destroy the missiles in 30 exciting game levels infused in the game so explore them and complete the objectives assigned in each level.

Read all about this amazing game on out Review article on Man Vs. Missiles and also visit our site for more Action Games.

Download Man Vs. Missiles from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes and save yourself as it is not an ordinary battle; it is fight between MAN and the MISSILES.


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