With Halloween just around the corner, we decided to bring a spooky reminder. The developers of best Mahjong games have added new folds to their legacy. Mahjong Mystery: Escape The Spooky Mansion Got an Update and it’s worthwhile. Encounter new mysterious puzzles and lands, explore added bonus levels and have a ball.

Difference Games have given quite an interesting gameplay to Mahjong Mystery: Escape The Spooky Mansion. Based on one of the best board games – Mahjong, the game requires you to match crafting component tiles to collect the items offered upon matching. Form a treasure by combining these items and strive to sell it out for about 100,000 worth of gold.

Mahjong Mystery: Escape The Spooky Mansion got an update gameplay

The recent update has, definitely, established new lengths for the game. New collectible puzzles are added to it along with 20+ new level images and land. Reformed and better Power rewards let you gain increased daily bonuses and 1200 bonus level are just a treat to encounter. Not to mention, Access the added Dark dungeon level in each map from Yellow, Red, Green or Blue Spheres and divulge into a much better and diverse gameplay.

So, do try playing this game on your devices by downloading it from the Google Play Store and don’t forget to read more about the game in our Detailed review on Mahjong Mystery: Escape The Spooky Mansion.

Remember, match it right to get it right, Enjoy!

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