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Board games have been a major part of our childhood and we all have spent a fair deal fighting over board games, flipping them. Oh, those were the days! Our childhood is not complete without any mention of Ludo, the classic favorite of everyone, hands down.  The game was well-rooted in the sub-continent back in the 6th century with the name “Pachisi” and was quite famous as a game played by the Mughal Emperors.  Late centuries in England, the game was officially declared under the name “Ludo.”  With time and technology, came the decline of board games. But the internet is buzzing with the name Ludo Star again.

Yes, the classic is back with the name “Ludo Star”. And this time it’s on your smart phone. Sadly, you can’t flip the board in this one, but besides that, it offers everything the classic Ludo offers.  Ludo has been offered many times on Android before, along with scrabble and other board games but none reached the goodness of the classic Ludo. Ludo Star however caught everyone’s attention and became an instant hit. Ludo Star is available on Android and iOS both. The game has been installed by millions already, which speaks volumes about its success.

You can download Ludo Star on Android using Google Play Store and also on your iOS devices.

Ludo Star Home

Created by the Developers Gameberry, Ludo Star uses the same coloured houses, the same old dice, and other actions, so the game is pretty easy to play. The game can be played in different versions such as 1 on 1, where you can compete against any friend or any random player, or you can team up with another friend and compete against others. Or if you like challenges, you can play the 4-players game where you bring others on your table and challenge them.

Ludo Star Table

The game can also be played offline where you can compete against any number of players, if you don’t have the internet. What makes it more interesting is that you have to place a bet before starting every game with gold as low as 500 coins or above, depending on how much you are willing to risk it.

Ludo Star Team Player

What makes Ludo Star different from the classic Ludo game is that if you are not happy with the number you get, you can roll the dice again and change your number by using gems. Gems can be grabbed by either using dice, or using chests. In case you are short of gems, your friends can send them to you, if they are generous enough.

Ludo Star with Friends


The game can be played in three variations; Classic, Quick and Master. The stakes are even higher in the Master level and your tactics and strategies have to be on point to win it. As far as the rewards are concerned, you can roll your Lucky Dice and you can win upto 1000 gems and coins etc. When you send a lucky dice to any of your friends, and they roll it, you will get a Lucky Dice in return too. You can also get Gold by watching a 30 seconds video or you can open daily magic chest to win upto 50K coins.

The game’s auto feature comes handy when you are not rolling the dice, and your turn does not go to waste. Once you reach Level 4, you can unlock a League as well. Moving one step up the league will make you jump from Bronze to Silver; the highest in the order is Titan which will eventually make you a legend of Ludo Star.

The game is quite addictive and the users love it so far. If you are still living under a rock, and have not downloaded Ludo Star yet, now is the time to show your friends the Ludo Legend in you.

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