Scatter HoldEm Poker – Online Texas Card Game is a surely a dream come true for the lovers of Poker. It is one of the most widely known sports around the world and to tell the truth it is growing in its popularity day by day. The game is primarily based on the kind of Taxas HoldEm poker, so all the rules applied and practiced are accordingly.

So, to cater the need of Poker fanatics Murka Entertainment Limited have released quite a thrilling game. It is an exciting game and on top of that it gives you a real adventurous poker experience.

Scatter HoldEm Poker gameplay

You have decks, cards, tricks and strategies to apply and win the game. You have hole cards, community cards along with the flops, the turns and the river. All of which are supposed to be used with a right kind of plan effective enough to win you the game.

The game is an online poker game, which means a wide range of people around the globe can play with you; in fact, multiplayer is the best part about the game. However, you can also play free games in single player mode.

Scatter HoldEm Poker mission

keeping in mind the most important aspect of the poker game – Chips – the game is invested with endless possibility to earn them. Initially you are given about 6,000,000 bonus chips for free however; later on you can get free chips in video poker every hour.

The most exciting part is the availability of endless matches and games in Scatter HoldEm Poker. There is full of unique and beautiful tables to play upon and invested with numerous maps, levels or stages. There are multiple maps like; Wild Arrow, Lady Femida and Frozen Flame, that are full of infinite adventures and nail-biting matches.

Scatter HoldEm Poker maps

Now the question arises, how much more can you handle with this perfect game?

As each match is endeavored with new and exciting challenges for you which are, however, not so easy to complete. Each stage brings new adventures along with the addition of a harder challenge to face.

Moreover, this Vegas based gambling game hits all the right cords of a successful game by offering you with you interesting avatars. These avatars keep getting unlocked as you move ahead in the game, in addition, your deck of cards also evolve and unlocks at a certain point in the game.

However, the game also offers number of daily bonuses along with the opening to commute with your friends.  More opportunities are unlocked after each mission where you can share magic elixir with friends or have them share it with you.


Furthermore, Scatter HoldEm Poker is no doubt an epic tactical journey perfect for the lovers of casino games with the addition of some tough and exciting missions. Besides, the game gets even more exciting as you turn up the heat by raising the stakes.

Don’t miss the chance to have HoldEm Poker experience at home. Fulfill your desire to be the VIP Casino Royale and visit Google Play store or iTunes to Download the game for free. Have Fun!!


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