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You might not believe me but trust me when I say Kraken Land: Platformer Adventures is a new action adventure game in town. Undoubtedly, the game is as charming as its name sounds, it is a Honikou Games creation which is, primarily, an aquatic themed mascot adventure.

The exciting part about it that you take up the character of a small adorable Kraken who runs on the land or platform. The point is to collect coins and various rewards. However, the journey of the Kraken is not so easy; in order to achieve his primal task he has to go through many obstacles and dangers.

As a matter of fact, you have to save yourself from crushing or crashing into the enemy. you can also destroy some of these obstacles such as crates to get the hidden extra coins. Moreover, you can jump on top of the enemy killing it  and earning some extra points as a result.

Saving yourself from crashing is not the only task for you, you are also needed to protect yourself from drowning or falling down from the platforms.

Kraken Land gamplay

Each time the Kraken dies you, consequently, lose a life and have to start from the beginning. In addition, there are multiple levels in the game, each of which, subsequently, increase in difficulty.

What’s more interesting, each quest or level has their own particular tasks to be completed. However, completing these levels earns you a chest reward filled with few boosters and coins.

On top of that, number of boosters are a big add up in the game. which may include; Shield – which is helpful in protecting the Kraken, Sleep – it puts the enemy in the sleep mode and lastly, Speed which increases the speed of the Kraken.

Kraken Land boosters

Kraken Land also offers TNT bombs that you need to collect in order to explode the platforms that are sealed from being entered. One of the most interesting boosters is of the, upgrade-able, Seagull – which helps you fly over obstacles and dangers.

Fitting enough, there are also secret arenas established in all the quests. In there, you get a chance to earn some more coins and other benefits.

Additionally, the game is only available in PvE mode but the score of the game can certainly be compared with others via the leadership board available in the game.

Kraken Land upgrades

That’s not all, another plus point is its easy and simple controls. There are on-screen controls for this game; you can move forward by using the round shaped navigation present at the left side of the display. However, to be able to jump on the enemy or on the platform you needs to tap, once or twice, on the screen.

There’s no doubt that this game is best suitable for younger audience as it can serve a good purpose for the early learning players.

Kraken Land: Platformer Adventures is, undoubtedly, a delightful game which is easy to learn and play and definitely can make you feel nostalgic. Just keep running and collecting coins whilst saving yourself from dying. That’s all.

Not to forget, It is available on Google Play Store and Apple iTunes for free; however there are some items that can be purchased for real money for this game.

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