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Do you have what it takes to sway the Shard of Whisper away? Are you ready to fill in the shoes of your ancestors? If yes then this is your time to shine. Prepare yourself for one of the best RPG games of all times. Lionheart: Dark Moon is turn based RPG game that will raise the fighter in you; team up, upgrade your characters, strategize and bring down the enemy. That’s all!

Lionheart: Dark Moon is a latest release by Emerald City Games, striving to bring you the gameplay of your dreams with such a powerful and perceptual storyline that is surely going to give your whole gaming repertoire a substantial boost.

Let’s take off with the magnificently crafted STORYLINE. For thousands of years Vault Keepers have protected the Vault where spirits of the world can be sensed. Shard of Whisper, the brutal enemy, attacked the order to take over the Vault control along with the Great Key that opens it. However, the last of the keeper, in desire to save the world, breaks the key into several pieces and spreads them all around the realm.

Shard of whisper, enraged with angst and anguish, demolishes the keepers from the world, not knowing that Tim and Natalia are still alive to wear the shoes of their forefathers. Now, it’s up to them to protect their city which was built around the vault. Moreover, they need to find all the pieces of the Great Key, fulfilling their duty as the Vault keeper.

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What’s even more exhilarating is the Flawless GAMEPLAY! So, fight through various stupendously created waves (1 – 3), participating in turn-base combats in a well established RPG environment and shake hands with excruciating battles.

Obviously, the battles in Lionheart: Dark Moon are comparatively simple and a piece of cake at start; however, as you move ahead the enemy becomes stronger and combats take even more brutal turn than before. So, be at the top of your game whenever it happens. Consequently, in order to face the enemy, keep on leveling up your squad members and unlock as many skillful and powerful characters as possible, to add up in your team.

Make use of STRATEGY! NEVER underestimate the foe and remember to be quick and apt enough to form effective tactics on the spot while fighting. Make use of available skills allotted to each character and win all the battles more fiercely.

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Initially, two main characters are to be witnessed – Tim and Natalia. However, on completing each wave successfully, expect to receive various keys. These keys are, basically, the part of the Great Key. So, summoning these keys into the vault will unlock many more characters for you to discover. Explore their skills and strength to know which one is the best to deploy.

Let Tim use Slash and Whirlwind to tear down the enemy, Natalia is a book nerd so she uses spellbound and Mana Damage to double the effect of injury whilst Sap Stumber is helpful in regaining the XP during fight. Moreover, the Friendship Combo joins the skills of two characters creating a more powerful attack on the enemy. How cool is that!

Lionheart: Dark Moon Keys

CHARACTER XP! Keep noticing the XP of all character including the enemy in Lionheart: Dark Moon. The XP determines the extent of damage implanted on any character and it will also help you in knowing how much damage you need to input to diminish the opponent. Moreover, the XP can increase on winning each level and can also be escalated by the intake of Mini Potion. So, be strong and bring the enemy’s XP down to zero.

The SLICK GRAPHICS! Visual effects and graphics of the game act as a cool breeze of fall. The dramatic fights and intimidating enemy entrance are just superb. The picture quality is great and catchy to keep you engrossed entirely and that too for a long time.

Lionheart: Dark Moon battle

Not to forget about the SLEEK CONTROLS! The game controls are quite smooth and simple to master. You will, surely, find no difficulty in handling the character or using the special skills. So, have fun battling the enemy. However, the only issue with turn-based games is that there is no way to dodge the enemy’s blow so your XP will definitely be affected and, sadly, you cannot protect yourself from it.

No matter, turn-base attacking mechanism seems to disturb me a little but the game, overall, has a remarkable and fantastic gameplay to indulge in. So, Download Lionheart: Dark Moon from the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes now and embark on the most comprehensive RPG journey EVER.

Happy Slashing!

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