Lionheart: Dark Moon Got an Update

News Alert! The the sequel of Lionheart Tactics is out now and, without a doubt, the developers have fashioned a great gameplay with an exceptional storyline. Nevertheless, Lionheart: Dark Moon got an update and it’s a win win situation for all, as the game has, finally, made its worldwide release. So, play it now to access the infinite entertainment.

It’s quite imperative to know that Lionheart: Dark Moon is an Emerald City Games production and it’s even better than its predecessor. It is quite an enthralling game, having turn base attacking mechanism in RPG environment. The game revolves around the two remaining survivors, Tim and Natalia, who have embarked on the way of their ancestors, trying to save their city and the Great Key from the Shard of Whisper.

The gameplay and story, both, are flawlessly crafted. You get to discover many amazing and thrilling insights. Keep extending your team, level them up and get upto 4 partners to assist you in fighting the enemy. Fight through various waves and kill the boss enemy at the end of the last wave to, ultimately, reach your goals.

In addition, read more about Lionheart: Dark Moon in our Detailed Review and download the game for free from the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes. Stay safe, protect your realm and most importantly enjoy. See ya!

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