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Follow the thrilling story of Max and Chloe and investigate a mysterious disappearance in the all new five-part episodic game Life is Strange. It’s time to revolutionize story-based, and choice and consequences games.

Dontnod Entertainment’s award-winning adventure game “Life is Strange” is now available on Android, all thanks to Square Enix Ltd. The game is here this time around with full controller support, and players will be able to immerse themselves in a thrilling story. So, what’s the hype about? Let’s find out as we walk you through the game.

Life is Strange Review, Walkthrough & Gameplay

Life is Strange is a modern adventure choice-based narrative game that entranced gamers all around the world with its heart-tugging story of teen drama, time travel, and mystery. In Life is Strange, we give players a chance to rewind time, and affect the past, present and the future.

Life is Strange follows the story of a photography senior Max Caufield who returns to her hometown after being absent for five years. As she returns to her hometown, she sees a girl get shot, and finds out she can rewind time, and change the course of future.

Here, Max is on a mission to save her best friend Chloe Price. As she saves her best friend, together they start investigating a mysterious case of a sudden disappearance.

Unravel the dark side of Arcadia Bay, and help Max investigate the case of Rachel Amber’s disappearance. While investigating the case, Max deals with other characters, where each character has its own agendas, secrets, and relationships.

Meanwhile, players will also experience the ups and downs of the life of Max, and how Max gets a grip with her new powers, and watch the events unfold for her.

Rewind time to change the course of events

During this mystery mission, players will follow some events, where they can time the time to change the course. The rewind the time mechanic of Life is Strange allows players to approach from different angles, and watch the consequences of your actions.

The game is based upon 5 episodes, and in every episode, you will see one twist after the other. Every choice you make in the game has an impact, so think wisely, and make choices that shape up the story.

As Max finds herself beset by horrifying visions of her hometown being demolished in a massive storm, she realizes she has a new and inexplicable kind of superpower that allows her to rewind time.

Multiple endings depend on the choices you make

That’s the basic premise of Life is Strange, but we won’t spoil anything after for you. But what I loved about the game is the point of view it gives. Players can immerse themselves in a perspective, something we don’t see very often in adventure games on the store.

The game builds its narrative through an actual gameplay element where you can enjoy the time-rewinding mechanic that allows players t make a decision, and then rewind time to take another path.

Striking visuals and soundtrack

As to what makes the thrilling experience even more exciting, players will be able to enjoy striking hand painted visuals along with Indie music. From Angus & Julia Stone, to Jose Gonzales, you can experience Indie music at its finest as you try to help Max in discovering the secrets of Arcadia Bay.

For the Android users, you can now share the choices you make in Life is Strange with the people on your social media. The game comes with full controller support, allowing players to take pictures like never before with the photo mode.

All thanks to the masterfully crafted story, emotional atmosphere, and engaging game characters, the game pulls players like any touching Indie movie would do. If you are looking for a compelling coming of age story, then Life is Strange is a must-have.

As the game is now available to all, and free to play, you can download it right away. To grab the game, head over to Google Play Store or Apple iTunes now. Enjoy!

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