Life is Strange Game

Immerse yourself in an entire universe of storytelling, and experience a diverse universe filled with interesting characters, and mysteries as the latest time travel, and teen mystery hybrid game Life is Strange Arrives on Android & iOS.

It is a heart tugging narrative adventure by Square Enix Ltd that follows the life story of Max Caufield; a senior student from Arcadia Bay who returns to the hometown after five long years, and discovers some mysterious cases. During the course of events, Max discovers her power to rewind time, and rewrite history.

The game lets gamers enjoy a unique experience with heavy emphasis on storytelling, and player driven decision making. With the time rewind mechanic, players can make a decision, rewind time, and try other paths. If you are intrigued about the game, check out Oxidroid Review to know more. The game can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes now if you want to give it a shot. Cheers!

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